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Jasone Cenoz

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  • Multilingual Education by Jasone Cenoz
    Multilingual Education (English, Paperback) Jasone Cenoz

    This cutting edge volume explores holistic trends in multilingualism, analysing the processes of both 'becoming multilingual' and 'being multilingual'.

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  • Language Awareness and Multilingualism by Jasone Cenoz
    Language Awareness and Multilingualism (English, Hardback) Jasone Cenoz

    Part of the fully revised and updated third edition of Springer's landmark reference on language and education, this volume on knowledge about language has truly global coverage that now includes a wealth of non-English-speaking and non-Western perspectives.

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  • Cross-Linguistic Influence in Third Language Acquisition by Jasone Cenoz
    Cross-Linguistic Influence in Third Language Acquisition (English, Hardback) Jasone Cenoz

    This volume adopts a psycholinguistic approach in the study of cross-linguistic influence in third language acquisition and focuses on the role of previously acquired languages and the conditions that determine their influence.

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  • Beyond Bilingualism by Jasone Cenoz
    Beyond Bilingualism (English, Paperback) Jasone Cenoz

    This book provides theoretical, empirical and practical bases for planning and implementing multilingual education programmes that prepare students for a multilingual world. It addresses the unique challenge that promoting multilingualism and multilingual education presents.

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  • English in Europe by Jasone Cenoz
    English in Europe (English, Paperback) Jasone Cenoz

    This book emerges as a response to the increasing use of English as a lingua franca in the multilingual European context. It provides an up-to-date overview of the sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic and educational aspects of research on third language acquisition by focusing on English as a third language.

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