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Javier Garron

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  • Ant-man And The Wasp: Lost And Found by Mark Waid
    Ant-man And The Wasp: Lost And Found (English, Paperback) Mark Waid, Javier Garron

    Wasp was just trying to help Ant-Man get home to Earth to see his daughter...but a little problem got in the way. Very little. Subatomic, in fact, as Scott Lang was lost in the vast spaces between atoms! Now, Nadia is his only hope of rescue...if only he would listen long enough for her to save them! From master storyteller Mark Waid (CAPTAIN AMERICA, CHAMPIONS) and Marvel Young Gun artist Javier...

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  • Inferno: Warzones! by Dennis Hopeless
    Inferno: Warzones! (English, Paperback) Dennis Hopeless, Javier Garron

    Five years ago a band of demons rose up out of the fiery depths and turned Manhattan into Hell on Earth. The X-Men fought to vanquish the demon horde and... The X-Men failed. Welcome back to the Inferno. On this the fifth anniversary of Manhattan's fall, Piotr Rasputin is leading a small band of mutants back into the Inferno. Colossus doesn't know what they'll find on the other side of those...

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  • Amazing Spider-man: The Clone Conspiracy by Dan Slott
    Amazing Spider-man: The Clone Conspiracy (English, Paperback) Dan Slott, Javier Garron

    When Spider-Man's friends and foes return from the dead, led by Jackal, the wall-crawler has to decide whether to stand in the way and fight, or let the key to immortality out.

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  • Cyclops Volume 2: A Pirate's Life For Me by John Layman
    Cyclops Volume 2: A Pirate's Life For Me (English, Paperback) John Layman, Javier Garron

    RESCUED! But by whom? And is it really a rescue...or does this put Scott at greater risk than before? And what bounty are they hunting? Lots of shooting and things blowing up! The bad news: the Starjammers are about to die! The good news: Cyclops is no longer a Starjammer. Scott Summers is aboard a new space pirate ship, with a cruel, cutthroat captain, and a crew of criminals and killers. None of...

    $16.64 $19.99
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  • Secret Warriors Vol. 1: Secret Empire by Matthew Rosenberg
    Secret Warriors Vol. 1: Secret Empire (English, Paperback) Matthew Rosenberg, Javier Garron

    A Secret Empire calls for Secret Warriors! Captain America has been revealed to be an agent of Hydra - and now he's coming for the Inhumans! But S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson, a.k.a. Quake, wants no part of Hydra, and is heading underground! Recruiting Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Karnak and Inferno to her cause, she'll fight to set things right - not just for the Inhumans, but for...

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  • Star-lord Vol. 3: First Flight by Sam Humphries
    Star-lord Vol. 3: First Flight (English, Paperback) Sam Humphries, Javier Garron

    The stirring story of Star-Lord begins here! Before Peter Quill traversed the universe, before he was a Guardian, before he was legendary, he was... an astronaut! Well, at least, he wanted to be. But as NASA's biggest burnout, it looked like the future Star-Lord was destined to stay grounded forever. Now discover how Marvel's scoundrel of the spaceways finally journeyed out into the galaxy, with a...

    $14.73 $15.99
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  • Legendary Star-lord Vol. 4: Out Of Orbit by Sam Humphries
    Legendary Star-lord Vol. 4: Out Of Orbit (English, Paperback) Sam Humphries, Javier Garron

    The Collector's special interest in Peter Quill and Kitty Pride's breakup leads to a cosmic conundrum for the duo, who will have to work together to get out of the Collector's clutches.

    $13.99 $15.99
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  • Miles Morales: Spider-man Vol. 1 by Saladin Ahmed
    Miles Morales: Spider-man Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Saladin Ahmed, Javier Garron

    Miles Morales swings back into the spotlight! Balancing a normal life, school, friends, family and super-heroing has never been easy for Miles, but when the rampaging Rhino and a cadre of mysterious criminals start plaguing Brooklyn, things take a dark turn for the young Spider-Man! And Miles doesn't even know the half of it yet. What mystery lurks under the surface of this newest villainous...

    $17.09 $17.99
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