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Jeffrey A Brown

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  • Beyond Bombshells by Jeffrey A. Brown
    Beyond Bombshells (English, Paperback) Jeffrey A. Brown

    Action heroines are now more popular in movies, comic books, TV, and literature than they have ever been. Their spectacular presence represents shifting ideas about female agency, power, and sexuality. Beyond Bombshells explores how action heroines reveal and reconfigure perceptions about how and why women are capable of physically dominating roles in modern fiction.

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  • Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans by Jeffrey A. Brown
    Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans (English, Paperback) Jeffrey A. Brown

    What do the comic book figures Static, Hardware, and Icon all have in common? Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans gives an answer that goes far beyond "tights and capes," an answer that lies within the mission Milestone Media, Inc., assumed in comic book culture. Milestone was the brainchild of four young black creators who wanted to part from the mainstream and do their stories...

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  • Dangerous Curves by Jeffrey A. Brown
    Dangerous Curves (English, Paperback) Jeffrey A. Brown

    Addresses the conflicted meanings associated with the figure of the action heroine as she has evolved in various media forms since the late 1980s. Jeffrey A. Brown discusses this immensely popular character type, the action heroine, as an example of, and challenge to, existing theories about gender as a performance identity.

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  • Batman and the Multiplicity of Identity by Jeffrey A. Brown
    Batman and the Multiplicity of Identity (English, Hardback) Jeffrey A. Brown

    Concentrating primarily on contemporary depictions of Batman in the comic books, this book analyzes why Batman is so immensely popular right now in America and globally, and how the fictional Dark Knight reveals both new cultural concerns and longstanding beliefs about American values. The organizing premise is that while Batman is perceived as a very clearly defined character, he is open to a...

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  • Love Beyond Life by Jeffrey A Brown
    Love Beyond Life (English, Paperback) Jeffrey A Brown

    Inspired by the music of Angels & Airwaves and rooted in the sciences of Psychology, Quantum Physics and Morphic Resonance, this realistic sci-fi / fantasy presents new theories on consciousness and dream actualization through the lens of a curious young man.Love Beyond Life is a 2012 story of romance, mysticism and infinite possibility.This is a novel of revolutionary ideas portrayed through the...

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