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Jerry Pinkney

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  • The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
    The Lion and the Mouse (English, Paperback) Jerry Pinkney

    A stunning, wordless version of one of Aesop's best-loved fables, from one of America's most acclaimed artists.

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  • A Home in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
    A Home in the Barn (English, Hardback) Margaret Wise Brown, Jerry Pinkney

    Animals seek shelter in a big, warm barn during a cold, snowy night.

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  • Aesop's Fables by Jerry Pinkney
    Aesop's Fables (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney

    In this elegantly designed volume, more than sixty of Aesop's timeless fables have been carefully selected, humorously retold, and brought gloriously to life by four-time Caldecott Honor-winner Jerry Pinkney. Included are the Shepherd Boy and The Wolf, the Lion and the Mouse, the Tortoise and the Hare, plus many other charactersand moralsthat have inspired countless readers for centuries. With...

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  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Jerry Pinkney
    The Three Billy Goats Gruff (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney

    Three billy goats must outwit the big, ugly troll that lives under the bridge they have to cross on their way up the mountain.

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  • Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling
    Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (English, Paperback) Rudyard Kipling, Jerry Pinkney

    A courageous mongoose named Rikki-Tikki-Tavi thwarts the evil plans of Nag and Nagaina, two big black cobras who live in the garden and who try to attack Rikki and the family, including a little boy named Teddy.

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  • The Tortoise & the Hare by Jerry Pinkney
    The Tortoise & the Hare (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney

    Illustrations and minimal text relate the familiar fable of the race between a slow tortoise and a quick but foolish hare.

    $16.48 $18.99
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  • The Lion & the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
    The Lion & the Mouse (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney

    In this wordless adaptation of one of Aesop's most beloved fables by an award-winning artist, an unlikely pair learns that no act of kindness is ever wasted. With vivid depictions of the landscape of the African Serengeti and expressively drawn characters, Pinkney makes this a truly special retelling.

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  • The First Adventures of Spider by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst
    The First Adventures of Spider (English, Paperback) Joyce Cooper Arkhurst, Jerry Pinkney

    A backlist classic redesigned and reinvigorated for early readers!

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  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Jerry Pinkney
    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney

    "As a curious little chipmunk leaves his nest to greet the twilight, he gazes at the glittering sky above him. He can't help but also notice the sparkling dewdrops on a spider's web, the lights of the fireflies, and the shimmers of moonlight on the water. 'How I wonder what you are!' marvels the tiny creature, launching a dreamlike quest to reach for the stars."

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  • Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Jerry Pinkney
    Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney, Rudyard Kipling

    Rikki, a fearless young mongoose, finds himself locked in a life-or-death struggle to protect a boy and his parents from Nag and Nagina, two enormous cobras, in this entertaining story by Nobel Prize-winning author Rudyard Kipling. Triumphantly brought to life in stunning watercolors by Caldecott Honor artist Jerry Pinkney, this tale will win the hearts of young and old alike. Full color.

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  • Goin' Someplace Special by Patricia C McKissack
    Goin' Someplace Special (English, Paperback) Patricia C McKissack, Jerry Pinkney

    In segregated 1950s Nashville, a young African American girl braves a series of indignities and obstacles to get to one of the few integrated places in town: the public library.

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  • The Little Red Hen by Jerry Pinkney
    The Little Red Hen (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney

    Caldecott Medal winner Jerry Pinkney enlivens the beloved fable with cheerful and classically beautiful illustrations, making this the ideal edition for every child's library. ...

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  • Souci Robert San : Talking Eggs Tr by Robert D San Souci
    Souci Robert San : Talking Eggs Tr (English, Hardback) Robert D San Souci, Jerry Pinkney

    An old witch-woman gives a basket of eggs to true-hearted Blanche, who discovers that the eggs possess wonderful magical qualities when they reward her valor while punishing the behavior of her cruel sister, Rose.

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  • Tales of Uncle Remus (Puffin Modern Classics) by Julius Lester
    Tales of Uncle Remus (Puffin Modern Classics) (English, Paperback) Julius Lester, Jerry Pinkney

    Whether he is besting Brer Fox or sneaking into Mr. Man's garden, Brer Rabbit is always teaching a valuable lesson. These classic tales are full of wit, humor, and creativity, and Julius Lester brings an added contemporary sense to these forty-eight timeless stories.

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  • A Starlit Snowfall by Nancy Willard
    A Starlit Snowfall (English, Paperback) Nancy Willard, Jerry Pinkney

    Previously published under title: A starlit somersault downhill. 1993.

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  • Sam and the Tigers by Julius Lester
    Sam and the Tigers (English, Paperback) Julius Lester, Jerry Pinkney

    Once upon a time there was a place called Sam-sam-sa-mara, where the animals and the people lived and worked together like they didn't know they weren't supposed to. There was a little boy in Sam-sam-sa-mara named Sam...So begins this delightful telling of one of the most controversial books in children's literature, Little Black Sambo.Julius Lester and Jerry Pinkney reveal at the heart of this...

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  • Uncle Remus: The Complete Tales by Julius Lester
    Uncle Remus: The Complete Tales (English, Hardback) Julius Lester, Jerry Pinkney

    Brer Rabbit is causing trouble again for his fellow creatures Brer Fox, Brer Wolf, and the rest--this time in an omnibus edition that brings together all the stories fromTales of Uncle Remus, More Tales of Uncle Remus, Further Tales of Uncle Remus, andLast Tales of Uncle Remus.The Uncle Remus tales, originally written down by Joel Chandler Harris, were first published over a hundred years ago, and...

    $27.90 $40.00
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  • Minty: a Story of Young Harriet Tubman by Schroeder
    Minty: a Story of Young Harriet Tubman (English, Paperback) Schroeder, Jerry Pinkney

    Young Harriet Tubman, whose childhood name was Minty, dreams of escaping slavery on the Brodas plantation in the late 1820s.

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  • In Plain Sight by Professor Richard Jackson
    In Plain Sight (English, Hardback) Professor Richard Jackson, Jerry Pinkney

    A young girl and her ailing grandfather play a game of lost-and-found every day after school that leads them through layers of memory and family history.

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  • Puss in Boots by Jerry Pinkney
    Puss in Boots (English, Hardback) Jerry Pinkney

    A clever cat wins for his master a fortune and the hand of a princess.

    $13.98 $17.99
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