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Jesse Bullington

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  • The New Gothic by Beth K. Lewis
    The New Gothic (English, Paperback)

    The Gothic is the most enduring literary tradition in history but in recent years friendly ghosts and vegetarian vampires threaten its foundations. The New Gothic is a collection of short stories which revisits the core archetypes of the Gothic, the rambling, secret-filled building, the stranger seeking answers, the black-hearted tyrant and reminds us not to embrace but to fear the darkness. A...

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  • Letters To Lovecraft by Jesse Bullington
    Letters To Lovecraft (English, Paperback)

    While hordes of writers have created works based on Lovecraft?s fiction, never before has an anthology taken its inspiration directly from the literary manifesto behind his entire mythos - until now. Like cultists poring over a forbidden tome, eighteen modern masters of horror have gathered here to engage with Lovecraft?s treatise. Rather than responding with articles of their own, these authors...

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  • The Folly of the World by Jesse Bullington
    The Folly of the World (Paperback)

    A compelling tale with a surreal twist giving us a taste of rebellion, violence and political machinations in the darkest corners of the fifteenth century

    $13.88 $20.00
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  • The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart by Jesse Bullington
    The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart (English, Paperback)

    Hegel and Manfried Grossbart may not consider themselves bad men - but death still stalks them through the dark woods of medieval Europe. ...

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  • Future Lovecraft by Nick Mamatas
    Future Lovecraft (English, Paperback)

    Presents an anthology of science fiction stories and poems. This title lets you listen to the stars that whisper and drive a crew mad. Worship the Tloque Nahuaque as he overtakes Mexico City. Slip into the court of the King in Yellow. Walk through the streets of a much altered Venice. And, more.

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  • The Enterprise Of Death by Jesse Bullington
    The Enterprise Of Death (Paperback)

    An exciting, original and surreal take on medieval Europe through the travels of a female necromancer and her unwilling kidnapper.

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  • The Sad Tale Of The Brothers Grossbart by Jesse Bullington
    The Sad Tale Of The Brothers Grossbart (Paperback)

    A bloody, grim and thoroughly engaging tale of philosophical grave-robbers on the run in Mediaeval Europe.

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