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  • Man-Eaters of Kumaon
    Man-Eaters of Kumaon (English, Hardback) Jim Corbett, Raymond Sheppard $25.32
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  • My Kumaon
    My Kumaon (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett

    This collection includes Jim Corbett's unpublished writings on man-eaters, nature, and his beloved Kumaon, personal letters, articles written for newspapers and gazettes by his contemporaries, and letters exchanged between Corbett and his publisher showcasing the development of his bestselling books-all from the archives of the Oxford University Press.

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  • The Hunter's Friends
    The Hunter's Friends (Paperback) Jim Corbett $18.49
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  • The Overcoming Life
    The Overcoming Life (Paperback) Jim Corbett $28.26
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  • Manna Moments
    Manna Moments (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett

    Manna Moments is the perfect night stand companion. Full of encouragement, exhortation, anecdotes, and just plain devotion to Jesus, this series of From Our Father's Heart messages will bring a wonderful assurance of the love of Father God your way. ...

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  • The Father Factor
    The Father Factor (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett, Merry Corbett

    From the beginning, Satan has masterfully blinded men into desiring just about anything over the intimacy with God that was won for them through Jesus. This blindness leaves them spiritually impotent, resulting in marriages that are out of order and children who are in need of rescue. God, however - through the brilliance of His Word and His promises - is bringing hope to every family and every...

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  • The Elect
    The Elect (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett, Merry Corbett

    Survival takes on a whole new meaning when the corridors of heaven open the door to angelic and demonic activity on the earth following the rapture of the overcoming bride of Jesus Christ. Those who remain discover that things are nothing like they once were. They learn, however, that God still has a people to whom He can be merciful and through whom He can and will work powerfully. ...

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  • A White Stone
    A White Stone (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett

    With the world on the brink of economic collapse and terror knocking at the door, it seems the perfect framework for chaos and fear to freely roam the earth. Good is labeled evil and evil is called good in a majority of hearts and minds, just as the Bible foretold. How would you live your life in this atmosphere? Are you sure?

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  • Man Eaters of Kumaon
    Man Eaters of Kumaon (Paperback) Jim Corbett $30.57
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  • The Second [Oxford India] Illustrated Corbett
    The Second [Oxford India] Illustrated Corbett (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett

    The Second Oxford India Illustrated Corbett is another collection of Corbett's best-loved writings complemented by gripping illustrations. The stories reflect Corbetts involvement with India, her people, and her flora and fauna, and this collection includes several written for children.

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  • Not While I Have Ammo
    Not While I Have Ammo (English, Hardback) Jim Corbett

    Not While I have Ammo

    $25.32 $29.75
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  • The Second Jim Corbett Omnibus
    The Second Jim Corbett Omnibus (Hardback) Jim Corbett

    This set of three volumes, written by a famous big game hunter, relates his adventures in India and Africa. Corbett depicts the savage beauty of Kenya's wildlife as well as his encounters with the villages of the Kumaon Hills, and the customs and lifestyles of the people there.

    $16.43 $20.00
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  • The Jim Corbett Omnibus
    The Jim Corbett Omnibus (Hardback) Jim Corbett

    Jim Corbett's books on animal hunting: "Man-Eaters of Kumaon", "The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag" and "The Temple Tiger and More Man Easters of Kumaon", are collected here in a single volume.

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  • Jungle Lore
    Jungle Lore (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett

    Jim Corbett, naturalist, shikari, and conservationist is famous for his tales of hunting in the Indian Jungle. Many years before the issues of conservation became understood, Corbett was obsessed with the jungle and animals of the Kumaon hills. This new edition of Jungle Lore offers Corbett's own story of his life and career. At the heart of the narrative is a cry for sensitivity to the...

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  • The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag
    The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett

    Jim Corbett's books are usually collections of stories about how he tracked and shot man-eaters in the Indian Himalayas. The present volume consists of a single story, which is perhaps the most exciting of all Corbett's jungle tales.

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  • Man-Eaters of Kumaon
    Man-Eaters of Kumaon (English, Paperback) Jim Corbett

    This is the best known of Corbett's books, and contains ten fascinating stories of tracking and shooting man-eaters in the Indian Himalaya during the early years of this century.

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  • The Proud Tree
    The Proud Tree (English, Paperback) Luane Roche, Chris Sharp

    A proud and selfish tree, chosen to form the cross for Jesus's Crucifixion, is humbled as he watches the suffering Jesus endures.

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