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  • Thanos: The Infinity Conflict by Jim Starlin
    Thanos: The Infinity Conflict (English, Hardback) Jim Starlin, Alan Davis

    In a desperate bid to protect all of reality, Adam Warlock once gave the Reality Gem to the Mad Titan Thanos. Years later, that decision has come to haunt him. For now, Thanos is on the verge of becoming the lord of all reality! Only his troublesome brother, an errant troll and a strange trick of resurrection stand in his way...or so it seems. For deep within the Titan lurks an abnormality, a...

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  • Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin
    Infinity Gauntlet (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Ron Lim

    It's the Avengers, the New Warriors, the X-Men and more against the omnipotent Eternal, Thanos! The Mad Titan has become the most powerful being in the universe, and enslavement or destruction may be the only choices he gives it! The successive Starlin sagas that shook space and time start here!

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  • Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Thanos Quest by Alan Grant
    Silver Surfer Epic Collection: Thanos Quest (English, Paperback) Alan Grant, Jim Starlin

    The Mad Titan is on a quest for Death! The Silver Surfer may believe he has killed Thanos, but the terrible truth is that the Titan still lives - and that's bad news for the Marvel Universe, because Thanos' great love has sent him on a space-faring search for the Infinity Gems! Meanwhile, the Surfer tackles a deadly life-form and deals with the madness of Dynamo City! But when Thanos returns from...

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  • Batman: Volume 1 by Jim Starlin
    Batman: Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin

    A new collection featuring the legendary 1980s Batman epics Ten Nights of the Beast and A Death in the Family, never before collected!

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  • Thanos: The Infinity Siblings by Jim Starlin
    Thanos: The Infinity Siblings (English, Hardback) Jim Starlin, Alan Davis

    When a temporal distortion reveals an old enemy, Thanos will need help from his brother to stop it and save the Multiverse.

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  • Thanos: The Infinity Finale by Jim Starlin
    Thanos: The Infinity Finale (English, Hardback) Jim Starlin, Ron Lim

    Facing checkmate in his latest grand game of cosmic chess, Thanos took himself off the board - violently. Yet for the paramour of Death, oblivion is so often temporary. Now the Titan is back - but the galaxy has been ravaged in his absence. Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone, is stronger than ever and harnessing the godlike power of Adam Warlock to wage genocide across the posiverse. Only a...

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  • Infinity War Aftermath by Tom Raney
    Infinity War Aftermath (English, Paperback) Tom Raney, Jim Starlin

    Can a comatose Adam overcome his identity crisis and put himself back together again? If he does, Silver Surfer has a favour to ask -one that would pit Warlock against Mephisto for the soul of Surfer's love Shalla-Bal! Plus, there's the battle that green ink was invented for: Drax the Destroyer vs. the Incredible Hulk! Collecting: Warlock & The Infinity Watch 11-17, Silver Surfer/Warlock:...

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  • Avengers Epic Collection: The Avengers/defenders War by Steve Englehart
    Avengers Epic Collection: The Avengers/defenders War (English, Paperback) Steve Englehart, Roy Thomas

    The Avengers battle the Defenders in comics' first great crossover battle royal! It's hero against hero in the sensational summer hit of 1973. Cap vs. Namor! Thor vs. Hulk! It's the original and there's never been another one like it. Also featuring the origin of Mantis; an all-hands-on-deck battle with the Zodiac; the Avengers vs. Thanos and the Cosmic Cube; a Giant-Size adventure including the...

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  • Batman by Jim Starlin
    Batman (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Marv Wolfman

    "Originally published in single magazine form in Batman 426-429, 440-442, The New Titans 60-61 and Batman Annual 25"--T.p. verso.

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  • Infinity Crusade Vol. 1 by Tom Raney
    Infinity Crusade Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Tom Raney, Jim Starlin

    She's come to stop crime across the globe and bring peace to the universe. Captain America and Spider-Man are on her side; Thanos and Mephisto stand against her. So how can she be the bad guy? Jim Starlin's 1990s cosmic collection culminates when the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Avengers, the Infinity Watch, the New Warriors, and most other super-hero teams of the time are split by a universal...

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  • THE ART OF JIM STARLIN by Jim Starlin
    THE ART OF JIM STARLIN (English, Hardback) Jim Starlin

    A retrospective volume devoted to the career of one of the most popular and prolific comic book artists of the last 35 years ? Jim Starlin! Covering everything from his humble beginnings to his rise as one of the industry's top creative talents, this book follows the journey of one of the industry's most fascinating talents. From Captain Marvel and Warlock, Dreadstar to Thanos, this oversized...

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  • Silver Surfer: Rebirth Of Thanos by Jim Starlin
    Silver Surfer: Rebirth Of Thanos (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Ron Lim

    The quest that led to Infinity Gauntlet begins here! Back from the dead, Thanos is after the power to bring the rest of the universe with him on a return trip. Can the Silver Surfer, Drax the Destroyer and others stop the cosmic iconoclast before he uses reality as a token of his affection for Death? Special guest appearance by the Impossible Man! Collecting: Silver Surfer (1987) #34-38, Thanos...

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  • Thanos: The Infinity Relativity by Jim Starlin
    Thanos: The Infinity Relativity (English, Hardback) Jim Starlin

    Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone, makes a renewed assault on the positive universe, searching for a source of infinite power. To stop him, a fragile alliance of cosmic protectors forms. The Guardians of the Galaxy. Gladiator, Majestor of the Shi'ar. And Adam Warlock., They hold the potential to end Annihilus' threat once and for all... if only they knew how! But the answer lies in the dark...

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  • The Infinity Entity by Jim Starlin
    The Infinity Entity (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Alan Davis

    When last we saw Adam Warlock, he was a captive of Annihilus of the Negative Zone. So where do we find him now? Hanging with the Original Avengers? Then things start getting weird. But what else would you expect from the cosmic team of Jim Starlin and Alan Davis? Guest-starring the Guardians of the Galaxy. COLLECTING: THE INFINITY ENTITY 1-4, MARVEL PREMIERE 1

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  • Infinity Watch Vol. 2 by Jim Starlin
    Infinity Watch Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, John Arcudi

    The uncanny adventures of Adam Warlock and his Infinity Watch conclude! Witness a battle for Monster Island against the Avengers! There will be new love for Adam, and heartache for Gamora! The Watch will face the full fury of the Man-Beast, learn how Count Abyss traded his soul for power, and be caught in a subterranean war between Tyrannus and the Mole Man! The mysterious Strange targets the...

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  • Avengers Vs. Thanos by Jim Starlin
    Avengers Vs. Thanos (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Mike Friedrich

    Eternal. Nihilist. Madman. Would-be lover of Death itself. Collected in one volume for the first time, is the complete story of Thanos' first life...and first death. Guest-starring Daredevil, Spider-Man, the Thing, Moondragon, Drax the Destroyer and more. By comic mastermind Jim Starlin. Collecting: Iron Man (1968) 55; Captain Marvel (1968) 25-33; Marvel Feature (1971) 12; Daredevil (1964)...

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  • Gamora: Guardian Of The Galaxy by Jim Starlin
    Gamora: Guardian Of The Galaxy (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin

    Everyone knows that she's the deadliest woman in the galaxy - now find out how Gamora earned that reputation! From the strange tale of her first encounter with Pip the Troll, follow Gamora through her early adventures at the side of Adam Warlock. Learn why she was raised by Thanos to tackle Adam's dark side, the Magus! Then join Gamora,Warlock, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, the Thing and the...

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  • Infinity Watch Vol. 1 by Jim Starlin
    Infinity Watch Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Rick Leonardi

    In the aftermath of the Infinity Gauntlet event, Adam Warlock wears the almighty glove - but no single being should wield all six gems. Adam recruits his most trusted allies to guard one each - including the deadly Gamora, the destructive Drax, the demanding Moondragon and the diminutive Pip the Troll! But who holds the Reality Gem? The team finds a home on Monster Island, but Infinity War rages...

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  • Cosmic Odyssey The Deluxe Edition HC by Jim Starlin
    Cosmic Odyssey The Deluxe Edition HC (English, Hardback) Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola

    He is one of the most powerful and feared beings in the universe... but now Darkseid the schemer faces a menace beyond even his great abilities. Now the towering New God must find aid from beyond the boundaries of his realm - forced to seek it in the camp of his enemies. What Darkseid needs... is heroes.

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