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Joanne Adams

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  • Grammar by Joanne Adams
    Grammar (English, Hardback) Joanne Adams

    This fun yet informative book - including common misspellings, how to use punctuation correctly, applying the right tense and good sentence construction - will turn you from a logophobe to a grammarphile in no time!

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  • Let's Eat Grandma by Joanne Adams
    Let's Eat Grandma (English, Hardback) Joanne Adams

    Do you sometimes mix up your `affects' and `effects'? Do you know when to use `less' or `fewer'? And what about punctuation - would you like to feel sure about semicolons? Grammar can be tricky, but this book will stop you from making embarrassing slip-ups, and the bite-sized tips are sure to make your writing instantly more impressive.

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