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Joanne Harris

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  • The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris
    The Strawberry Thief (English, Hardback)

    The long-awaited new Chocolat novel from the multi-million-copy bestselling author Joanne Harris

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  • Chocolat by Joanne Harris
    Chocolat (English, Paperback)

    When an exotic stranger, Vianne Rocher, arrives in the French village of Lansquenet and opens a chocolate boutique directly opposite the church, Father Reynaud denounces her as a serious moral danger to his flock - especially as it is the beginning of Lent, the traditional season of self-denial.

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  • The Lollipop Shoes (Chocolat 2) by Joanne Harris
    The Lollipop Shoes (Chocolat 2) (English, Paperback)


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  • Dead Letters: An Anthology by Joanne Harris
    Dead Letters: An Anthology (English, Paperback)

    The Dead Letters Office: the final repository of the undelivered. Love missives unread, gifts unreceived, lost in postal limbo. Dead Letters Anthology features new stories from the masters of horror, fantasy and speculative fiction, each inspired by an inhabitant of the Dead Letters Office.

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  • Gentlemen & Players by Joanne Harris
    Gentlemen & Players (English, Paperback)

    At St Oswald's, a long-established boys' grammar school in the north of England, a new year has just begun. For the staff and boys of the school, a wind of unwelcome change is blowing. and Roy Straitley, the eccentric veteran Latin master, is finally - reluctantly - contemplating retirement.

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  • Getting the Buggers Fit by Lorraine Cale
    Getting the Buggers Fit (English, Paperback)

    Suitable for PE teachers, this book offers practical strategies to motivate pupils of various ages to be more active. It explores the kind of things that turn young people on and off in their PE lessons, focusing on different aspects of the PE curriculum, including athletics, gymnastics and team games.

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  • Peaches for Monsieur le Cure (Chocolat 3) by Joanne Harris
    Peaches for Monsieur le Cure (Chocolat 3) (English, Paperback)

    'DEFTLY TACKLING THE SUBJECT OF RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, THIS BEWITCHING NOVEL STIRS THE SENSES' Good HousekeepingIt isn't often you receive a letter from the dead.

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  • Blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris
    Blueeyedboy (English, Paperback)

    'Once there was a widow with three sons, and their names were Black, Brown and Blue. And he was a murderer.'Blueeyedboy is the brilliant new novel from Joanne Harris: a dark and intricately plotted tale of a poisonously dysfunctional family, a blind child prodigy, and a serial murderer who is not who he seems.

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  • Because I am a Girl by Deborah Moggach
    Because I am a Girl (English, Paperback)

    Because I am a girl I am less likely to go to school Because I am a girl I am more likely to suffer from malnutritionBecause I am a girl I am more likely to suffer violence in the homeBecause I am a girl I am more likely to marry and start a family before I reach my twenties.

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  • Five Quarters Of The Orange by Joanne Harris
    Five Quarters Of The Orange (English, Paperback)

    Beyond the main street of Les Laveuses runs the Loire, smooth and brown as a sunning snake - but hiding a deadly undertow beneath its moving surface. This is where Framboise, a secretive widow, plies her culinary trade at the creperie - and lets her memory play strange games.

    $10.71 $12.64
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  • Doctor Who: Time Trips (The Collection) by Cecelia Ahern
    Doctor Who: Time Trips (The Collection) (English, Hardback)

    KennedyA Handful of Stardust (featuring the Sixth Doctor) by Jake ArnottThe Bog Warrior (featuring the Tenth Doctor) by Cecelia AhernKeeping Up with the Joneses (featuring the Tenth Doctor) by Nick HarkawayInto the Nowhere (featuring the Eleventh Doctor) by Jenny T.

    $23.52 $26.22
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  • Jigs & Reels by Joanne Harris
    Jigs & Reels (English, Paperback)

    A collection of short stories that goes hand-in-hand with the mundane, the sour with the sweet, and the beautiful, the grotesque, the seductive and the disturbing are never more than one step away. It is a selection of tales for our times that shows a side to the author you have never seen before.

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  • The Evil Seed by Joanne Harris
    The Evil Seed (English, Paperback)

    'I'm still rather fond of this first book of mine, in spite of all the time that has elapsed, and in spite of the way my style has evolved.' Joanne Harris Caution - May contain vampires.

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  • Sleep, Pale Sister by Joanne Harris
    Sleep, Pale Sister (English, Paperback)

    Sleep, Pale Sister, a powerful, atmospheric and blackly gothic evocation of Victorian artistic life, was originally published before Joanne Harris achieved worldwide recognition with Chocolat.Ten years later, lovely, childlike and sedated, Effie seems the ideal wife.

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  • Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris
    Five Quarters of the Orange (English, Paperback)

    Framboise Simon returns to the French village where she grew up as a girl during the German occupation, and relives the tragic events that surrounded her family.

    $14.67 $15.99
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  • Peaches for Monsieur Le Cur by Joanne Harris
    Peaches for Monsieur Le Cur (English, Paperback)

    The tantalizing sequel to the blockbuster New York Times bestsellerChocolat...

    $13.79 $17.00
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  • Different Class by Joanne Harris
    Different Class (English, Paperback)

    "It's Goodbye, Mr. Chips meets The Bad Seed. Joanne Harris's latest novel, Different Class, has a killer elevator pitch and, what's more, it delivers on its intriguing premise....[A] rich, dramatic tale that builds to a surprising conclusion." ?The Washington Post...

    $14.48 $16.00
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  • Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris
    Gentlemen and Players (English, Paperback)

    As the new term gets under way at the elite St. Oswald's Grammar School for Boys, a number of increasingly devastating incidents occurs, leaving the unraveling school in the hands of the only person who can save it, Roy Straitley.

    $11.89 $15.99
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  • Different Class by Joanne Harris
    Different Class (English, Hardback)

    The ambitions of a new headmaster at a prep school reignite old demons for a Latin teacher who remembers the headmaster's involvement in a school scandal decades earlier in which a gay English teacher was prosecuted.

    $21.03 $26.00
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  • Chocolat: a Novel by Joanne Harris
    Chocolat: a Novel (English, Paperback)

    Even before it was adapted into the Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, Joanne Harris'New York Times bestselling novel, Chocolat entranced readers with its mix of hedonism, whimsy, and, of course, chocolate....

    $14.54 $16.00
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