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Joel Sartore

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  • NG Photo Ark by Joel Sartore
    NG Photo Ark (English, Hardback) Joel Sartore

    This lush book of photography represents a lifelong project by photographer Joel Sartore to make portraits of the world's animals - especially those that are endangered.

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  • Birds of the Photo Ark by Joel Sartore
    Birds of the Photo Ark (English, Hardback) Joel Sartore, Noah Strycker

    This brilliant book from acclaimed National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore celebrates the beauty of all birds, great and small.

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  • Rare by Joel Sartore
    Rare (English, Hardback) Joel Sartore

    A collection of stark and haunting studio images of the endangered or imperiled plants and animals of North America.

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  • Zoo Ethics by Jenny Gray
    Zoo Ethics (English, Hardback) Jenny Gray

    Zoo Ethics examines the workings of modern zoos and considers the core ethical challenges faced by people who choose to hold and display animals in zoos, aquariums, or sanctuaries. Jenny Gray asserts the value of animal life and assesses the impacts of modern zoos, including the costs to animals in terms of welfare and the loss of liberty. Gray...

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  • Face To Face With Grizzlies by Joel Sartore
    Face To Face With Grizzlies (English, Paperback) Joel Sartore

    Features the author's knowledge of bears and his photographic collection of them grew. This title contrasts the ancient range of grizzlies when they used to roam down as far as Mexico with their current status, mostly in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. It looks at the future of grizzly bears - and how much that future depends on people.

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  • Photographing Your Family by Joel Sartore
    Photographing Your Family (English, Paperback) Joel Sartore

    Early childhood is a fleeting time that parents and grandparents go to great lengths to capture in photos.

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  • Nebraska by Joel Sartore
    Nebraska (English, Paperback) Joel Sartore

    A guide to twenty National Grasslands in the United States, and Grasslands National Park in Canada. From Chadron to Falls City, Carhenge to the Wayne Chicken Show, Burwell to Omaha and everywhere in between, it captures all that is Nebraska - the people, places, and events that make this state our home.

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  • Einzigartig by Inka Friese
    Einzigartig (German, Hardback) Inka Friese, Joel Sartore $29.39
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  • National Geographic Photo Basics by Joel Sartore
    National Geographic Photo Basics (English, Paperback) Joel Sartore

    This fun, easy how-to guide reveals the essentials of taking great pictures from an experienced National Geographic photographer.

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  • Face To Face With Grizzlies by Joel Sartore
    Face To Face With Grizzlies (English, Hardback) Joel Sartore

    Offers a close-up look at grizzly bears, and includes a scientific experiment, a glossary, and ready-reference facts on the creature.

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  • National Geographic the Photo Ark Vanishing by Joel Sartore
    National Geographic the Photo Ark Vanishing (English, Hardback) Joel Sartore

    Celebrated National Geographic photojournalist Joel Sartore continues his Photo Ark quest, photographing species around the world that are escaping extinction thanks to human efforts....

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