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John Buscema

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  • How to Draw Comics the "Marvel" Way by Stan Lee
    How to Draw Comics the "Marvel" Way (English, Paperback) Stan Lee, John Buscema

    Stan Lee, the founding father of Marvel Comics, and John Buscema, artist of the classic Silver Surfer series, give professional advice and instruction for budding comics artists. Learn how to draw the Marvel way, courtesy of this lavishly illustrated, step-by-step guide to all facets of the process.

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  • Avengers Epic Collection: Under Siege by Roger Stern
    Avengers Epic Collection: Under Siege (English, Paperback) Roger Stern, John Buscema

    The Masters of Evil take Avengers Mansion! In one of the greatest comic book epics of all time, Baron Zemo strikes at the very heart of the Avengers, as he leads a revamped and larger-than-ever Masters of Evil in an attack on the team's home -and wins! And as if that wasn't enough, Earth's Mightiest Heroes must survive the climax of Secret Wars II and a battle for the ages between Kang and...

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  • Avengers Epic Collection: Behold The Vision by John Buscema
    Avengers Epic Collection: Behold The Vision (English, Paperback) John Buscema, Roy Thomas

    Prepare yourself for one of the most stellar creative periods in Avengers history! Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Gene Colan and Sal Buscema raise Earth's Mightiest Heroes to unheard-of heights with the debut of the Vision, an all-out battle with Ultron, and the introduction of Yellowjacket and an all-new Goliath! Also featuring the Black Panther vs. the Sons of the Serpent, the return of Quicksilver...

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  • Avengers Epic Collection: Masters Of Evil by Roy Thomas
    Avengers Epic Collection: Masters Of Evil (English, Paperback) Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich

    Earth's Mightiest Heroes are matched with two of comics' mightiest talents - Roy Thomas and John Buscema - for one of the greatest creative periods in Avengers history! It's cover-to-cover watershed moments: Captain America mixes it up with the Russian Red Guardian, all-new Masters of Evil make the scene and the sinister Ultron debuts!...

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  • Kiss: Greatest Hits Volume 1 by John Buscema
    Kiss: Greatest Hits Volume 1 (English, Hardback) John Buscema, John Romita

    In 1977, Kiss was not only the biggest band in the world; they were the biggest comic-book stars around. This title collects both classic Marvel Super Specials.

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  • Thor: in the Shadow of Mangog by Stan Lee
    Thor: in the Shadow of Mangog (English, Paperback) Stan Lee, Gerry Conway $10.49
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  • Monster Of Frankenstein by Gary Friedrich
    Monster Of Frankenstein (English, Paperback) Gary Friedrich, John Buscema

    Gothic horror in the macabre Marvel manner! One of the most terrifying figures in all of fiction lurches into his own 1970s comic book series, collected in colour for the very first time. Witness a dramatic retelling of Mary Shelley's literary classic, then follow the Monster in his quest for the last living descendant of his creator, Victor Frankenstein. Collecting: Frankenstein (1973) 1-18;...

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  • Big John Buscema Comics & Drawings by N/A
    Big John Buscema Comics & Drawings (English, Hardback) N/A, John Buscema

    John Buscema has been called one of the finest comic artists who ever put pen to paper. His work for Marvel Comics on "The Avengers", "Thor", "The Fantastic Four", and "Silver Surfer" are all classics. This is a special edition of the fine art catalog created for the most extensive exhibition of Buscema's art ever staged.

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  • How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee
    How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (English, Hardback) Stan Lee, John Buscema

    Illustrates hitherto mysterious methods of comic art using as examples such Mighty Marvel heroes as Thor, The Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and The Hulk

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  • Captain Marvel: Ms. Marvel - A Hero Is Born by Gerry Conway
    Captain Marvel: Ms. Marvel - A Hero Is Born (English, Hardback) Gerry Conway, Chris Claremont

    Before she became Captain Marvel, NASA Security Chief Carol Danvers' life had been intertwined with the alien Kree's interventions on Earth. When her genetic structure melded with that of the Kree, Danvers was imbued with new powers and an all-new Marvel hero was born! Famous X-Men writer Chris Claremont weaves complex plots and compelling characterization in the iconic original adventures of Ms....

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  • Man-thing By Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 by John Buscema
    Man-thing By Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) John Buscema, Steve Gerber

    Continuing the definitive collection of Man-Thing's macabre misadventures by his signature writer! The lumbering behemoth goes truly giant-size in one of the most notorious Marvel titles of all time, with stories ranging from a battle of the swamp monsters against the Glob, to a portentous flashback to the life of Ted Sallis before he was transformed. Those who know fear burn at the Man-Thing's...

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  • Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers - Volume 5 by Roy Thomas
    Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers - Volume 5 (English, Paperback) Roy Thomas, John Buscema

    Earth's Mightiest Heroes gain one of Earth's Mightiest artists - the one and only John Buscema! Big John joins Roy Thomas for the beginning of their classic Avengers collaboration, and here's what they have in store for you: Hercules goes mano-a-mano with the Dragon Man, Captain America mixes it up with the Russian Red Guardian, the Avengers battle the Super-Adaptoid, Goliath and the Wasp fight...

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  • X-men: Magik - Storm & Illyana by Chris Claremont
    X-men: Magik - Storm & Illyana (English, Hardback) Chris Claremont, John Buscema

    Illyana Rasputin, little sister of the X-Men's Colossus, entered Limbo as a child and left as a young woman... on the same day! In that one day, she spent seven years learning magic from the best of the worst, the blasphemous Belasco! The X-Men escaped him, but they're still there nonetheless- some dead and some even worse off! Which fellow mutants can Illyana befriend, which will she have to...

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  • Howard The Duck by Gene Colan
    Howard The Duck (English, Hardback) Gene Colan, John Buscema

    Get down, America! Vote Howard the Duck in 2008! That's right, folks. It's an election year, and what better way to celebrate than to cast your vote for the one candidate who'll tell it like it is. Born on a planet populated by talking waterfowl, Howard the Duck found himself trapped in a world he never made: ours! Howard was the archetypal outsider, able to see through the absurdities of human...

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  • Thor: If Asgard Should Perish by Len Wein
    Thor: If Asgard Should Perish (English, Hardback) Len Wein, John Buscema

    To save the very universe, Thor and the Warriors Three travel through time to stop the deadly Time Twisters! Then, it's off to Costa Verde to face the new threat of Firelord-but when Thor gets mindcontrolled, only Jane Foster can save the day! And when Mangog storms the gates of Asgard, Thor must rescue his father, Odin from Hela herself! Witness the God of Thunder in some of his earliest battles!...

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  • Mephisto Vs. by John Buscema
    Mephisto Vs. (English, Hardback) John Buscema, Al Milgrom

    Mephisto must battle the Fantastic Four, X-Factor, the X-Men, and the Avengers to gain their souls and restore his power.

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  • Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Volume 16 by Bill Mantlo
    Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Volume 16 (English, Hardback) Bill Mantlo, Roy Thomas

    The Crusader! The Thing cured! Luke Cage joins the FF! Hulk vs. the Thing and both of thevs. the FF! Galactus vs. the High Evolutionary! Time traveling adventures with the Invaders! And the impossible return of an improbable guest-star! Writer Roy Thomas teams with breakout talent George Prez, master storyteller John Buscema and Bullpen stalwarts Sal Buscema and Rich Buckler to bring you some of...

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  • Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Volume 12 by Len Wein
    Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Volume 12 (English, Hardback) Len Wein, Gerry Conway

    In this latest volume, a great battle with the Absorbing Man and Loki that takes Thor to Rutland, Vermont. Next comes Mercurio the Four-Dimensional Man, a mystery at the mystic ring of Stonehenge and Ulik the King of the Trolls' attempt to wrest Mjlonir from Thor's hand and conquer Earth. That's just the warmup, though, as Thor, the Warriors Three and Hildegard return to Asgard to free Odin from...

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