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John C Avise

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  • From Aardvarks to Zooxanthellae by John C. Avise
    From Aardvarks to Zooxanthellae (English, Paperback) John C. Avise

    Hundreds of animal species provide the cast of characters for these newly composed bio-limericks, arranged into 17 chapters by taxonomic group (such as Birds, Fishes, Insects) or biological subject (such as Ecology, Genetics, and Anthropology).

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  • Phylogeography by John C. Avise
    Phylogeography (English, Hardback) John C. Avise

    Phylogeography is a discipline concerned with various relationships between gene genealogies (phylogenetics) and geography. This book aims to capture the field's conceptual and empirical richness, plus the sense of innovation that phylogeographic perspectives have brought to evolutionary studies.

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  • Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology by Francisco J. Ayala
    Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology (English, Hardback) Francisco J. Ayala

    In short, Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology provides a captivating history of the foundation and growth of biology's central discipline.

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  • Conceptual Breakthroughs in Evolutionary Genetics by John C. Avise
    Conceptual Breakthroughs in Evolutionary Genetics (English, Paperback) John C. Avise

    Offers the conceptual history of evolutionary genetics. This book encapsulates and ranks 70 of the most significant paradigm shifts in evolutionary biology and genetics during the century-and-a-half since Darwin and Mendel.

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  • Sketches of Nature by John C. Avise
    Sketches of Nature (English, Hardback) John C. Avise

    Compilation of published summaries of scientific papers from the author's laboratory, with line drawings by Trudy Nicholson.--Preface.

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