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John Crowe Ransom

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  • The New Criticism by John Crowe Ransom
    The New Criticism (English, Hardback) John Crowe Ransom

    ?As always, Mr. Ransom here proves himself a sensitive student of poetry.?-Saturday Review of Literature

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  • Poems about God by John Crowe Ransom
    Poems about God (Paperback) John Crowe Ransom $16.76
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  • Land! by John Crowe Ransom
    Land! (English, Hardback) John Crowe Ransom, Jason Peters

    The poet and scholar John Crowe Ransom made profound contributions to twentieth-century American literature. He was also a leading member of the Southern Agrarian movement and a contributor to the movement's manifesto. Ransom's Land! is a previously unpublished work that unites Ransom's poetic sensibilities with an examination of economics at the height of the Great Depression.

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  • Selected Poems: John Crowe Ransom by John Crowe Ransom
    Selected Poems: John Crowe Ransom (English, Paperback) John Crowe Ransom

    A collection of poems which cover a wide range of themes and moods, and are characterized by subtle irony and a sympathetic understanding of human nature.

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  • The Complete Poems by John Crowe Ransom
    The Complete Poems (English, Paperback) John Crowe Ransom

    The Complete Poems contains every poem that John Crowe Ransom wrote, including his three books?Poems About God, Chills and Fever, and Two Gentlemen in Bonds?as well as the additional poems that appeared in the three editions of his Selected Poems. The volume also collects poems that were published only in newspapers and magazines, as well as a handful of poems that Ransom left in manuscript at the...

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