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  • 80 Graded Studies for Saxophone: Bk. 1
    80 Graded Studies for Saxophone: Bk. 1 (English, Paperback) John Davies, Paul Harris

    80 Graded Studies for Saxophone brings together in two books a broad selection of 18th and 19th century repertory, with studies by Arban, Baermenn, Blatt, Brod and others. Also included are a number of specially composed studies by Paul Harris. The studies are arranged in increasing difficulty from elementary level to early intermediate, according to a carefully planned technical progression.

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  • Wales in 100 Places
    Wales in 100 Places (English, Paperback) Marian Delyth, John Davies $41.18
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  • Urban Drainage
    Urban Drainage (English, Paperback) David Butler, John Davies

    The drainage of rainwater and wastewater from areas of human development has both environmental and engineering aspects. This book deals comprehensively not only with the design of new systems, but also the analysis and upgrading of existing infrastructure, and the environmental issues involved.

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  • Hollywood and the Great Depression
    Hollywood and the Great Depression (English, Hardback) Iwan Morgan

    This volume examines how the political, economic and social changes of the Great Depression impacted on Hollywood and how it responded to them.

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  • The Red Atlas
    The Red Atlas (English, Hardback) John Davies, Alexander J. Kent

    Many know that the Soviet Military gathered incredible information during the Cold War, but revealed in these pages is evidence that they secretly, and largely successfully, mapped the entire world. In addition to city maps of Oxford, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, the Soviets had street level maps of Pontiac, MI, Bristol, PA, Watertown NY, and Galveston, TX. They knew certain parts of the world down to the level of individual buildings. Maps that were recovered from this unparalleled endeavor have details that aren't on domestic maps made around the same time, things like the precise width of roads, the load-bearing capacity of bridges, and the types of factories?information that would be virtually impossible to find out without eyes on the ground. In Cambridge, Soviet maps from the '80s include a scientific research center that didn't appear on Ordnance Survey maps till years later. And a map of Oxford at the same time shows Oxford University Press as a building of interest. Another map of a German city shows the distance from which one can see a lit cigarette, or hear a twig crack. The map of San Diego includes objects of obvious strategic interest?including a submarine base, a naval airbase, ammunition depots, factories that make aircraft and weapons?but also includes notes on public transportation, communications systems, and the height and architecture of buildings in various parts of town. This book presents a catalog of these maps and reveals the never-before-told story of the world's most comprehensive mapping endeavor and, arguably, some of the world's most intriguing maps. Starting with the discovery of the maps in Estonia, and their journey to libraries and private collections the world over, this work illuminates the skills, omnipresence, and ambitions of the Soviet military at the height of its era of espionage.

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  • A History of Wales
    A History of Wales (English, Paperback) John Davies

    Strarting from the Ice Ages, this account traces the political, social and cultural history of the land that has come to be called Wales. It spans prehistoric hill forts and Roman ruins to the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution and the series of strikes by Welsh miners in the late twentieth century, offering a history of an enduring people.

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  • Five Sonatas
    Five Sonatas (English, Sheet music) Xavier Lefevre

    These delightful little classical sonatas - almost sonatinas - appeared in Lefevre's Methode de Clarinette (1802). They are technically undemanding, but they are winning in their unaffected lyric charm.

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  • Hellenistic Economies
    Hellenistic Economies (English, Paperback) Zofia H. Archibald

    The economies of classical and Mediterranean antiquity are currently a battleground. Some scholars see them as lively and progressive, even proto-capitalist: others see them as static, embedded in social action and status relationships....

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  • The Complete Poems of Sir John Davies
    The Complete Poems of Sir John Davies (English, Paperback) MR John Davies

    My edition of the Complete Poems of Sir John Davies in the Fuller Worthies' Library in 1869; since being followed up with a similarly complete collection of his much more extensive Prose, as Volumes II. and III. of his entire Works?met with so instant a Welcome, that very speedily I had to return the answer of 'out of print' to numerous applicants. Accordingly it was with no common satisfaction I...

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  • The History of Magick
    The History of Magick (Paperback) John Davies $30.77
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  • Dysfunctional One
    Dysfunctional One (Paperback) John Davies $30.59
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  • New Directions in Slavery Studies
    New Directions in Slavery Studies (English, Hardback) Jeff Forret

    In this landmark essay collection, twelve contributors chart the contours of current scholarship in the field of slavery studies, highlighting three of the discipline’s major themes—commodification, community, and comparison—and indicating paths for future inquiry.New Directions in Slavery Studies addresses the various ways in which the institution of slavery reduced human beings to a form of...

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  • Steamboat Barry
    Steamboat Barry (English, Paperback) Barry Stevenson, Dr John Davies

    When Barry Stevenson, a retired British detective opened the Daily Mirror one morning, he nearly choked on his breakfast tea. He was reliably informed that he was the UK's oldest dad at the age of 76. Barry is kept on his toes by baby Barrito (now 15 months) and he lives with his beautiful Cuban wife, aged 36, in Mallorca. Steamboat Barry is his incredible story leading up to his retirement,...

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  • The Bhagavad Gita, or the Sacred Lay
    The Bhagavad Gita, or the Sacred Lay (English, Paperback) John Davies

    Excerpt from The Bhagavad Gita, or the Sacred Lay: A Sanskrit Philosophical Poem ...

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  • Orchestra
    Orchestra (Paperback) John Davies $18.04
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  • Hindu Philosophy
    Hindu Philosophy (Paperback) John Davies $19.85
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