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John K Walton

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  • Fish and Chips and the British Working Class, 1870-1940 by John K. Walton
    Fish and Chips and the British Working Class, 1870-1940 (English, Paperback) John K. Walton

    Rejecting what he perceives as "the massive condescension of posterity" in neglecting its importance, the author traces the origins of the fish-and-chip trade, setting its economic, social and political context, charting its spread and analyzing its sources and methods of supply.

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  • Constructing Cultural Tourism by Keith Hanley
    Constructing Cultural Tourism (English, Paperback) Keith Hanley, John K. Walton

    Focusing on the formative influence of the works of John Ruskin in defining and developing cultural tourism, this book describes and assesses their effects on the `tourist gaze' (`where to go and what to see', and how to see it) as directed at landscape, scenery, architecture and townscape, from the early Victorian period onwards.

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  • Resorts and Ports by Peter Borsay
    Resorts and Ports (English, Paperback) Peter Borsay

    This book draws together case-studies which explore the changing relationships between port and resort activities in a cross-section of European maritime settings over 3 centuries. It will interest academics in tourism studies, geography and cultural studies, as well as providing information and analysis for policy makers in coastal regeneration.

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  • The English Seaside by Peter Williams
    The English Seaside (English, Paperback) Peter Williams

    For too long the English seaside has suffered from bad press, accused of being tatty, cold grey and windswept. Peter Williams' evocative photographs in this fully revised edition of his acclaimed book will make you want to rediscover what a fantastic place the seaside is - full of character, charm and `Englishness'.

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  • Understanding Richard Hoggart by Michael Bailey
    Understanding Richard Hoggart (English, Paperback) Michael Bailey, Ben Clarke

    Awarded 2013 PROSE Honorable Mention in Media & Cultural Studies With the resurgent interest in his work today, this is a timely reevaluation of this foundational figure in Cultural Studies, a critical but friendly review of both Hoggart's work and reputation.

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  • Lancashire by John K. Walton
    Lancashire (English, Paperback) John K. Walton

    If England was 'the first industrial nation', Lancashire was emphatically the first industrial county the first to develop, over a wide area, the combination of steam-powered factory industry and urban sprawl which says 'Industrial Revolution' to most people. It was also one the first fully industrialised areas to experience catastrophic economic decline in the inter-war years. Much has been...

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  • The British Seaside by John K. Walton
    The British Seaside (English, Paperback) John K. Walton

    A detailed academic cultural study of the rise and fall of the seaside holiday in Britain. John K. Walton offers a broad interpretation of the holidays and resorts, looking at who went, where they went, what they did, and how they were entertained.

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