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John Reader

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  • Theological Reflection for Human Flourishing by Helen Cameron
    Theological Reflection for Human Flourishing (English, Paperback) Helen Cameron, John Reader

    Practical theology and theological reflection are growing areas of theological studies. This book aims to create a bridge between pastoral practice and public theology.

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  • Africa by John Reader
    Africa (Paperback) John Reader

    Recreates the panorama of African history, from the primeval cataclysms that formed the continent to the political upheavals facing much of the continent. This book shows how the world's richest assortment of animals and plants has helped - or hindered - human progress in Africa.

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  • The Untold History of the Potato by John Reader
    The Untold History of the Potato (Paperback) John Reader

    The story of one of the world's most important crops From the gold potatoes at the Sun Temple in Cuzco, Peru, the muddy ones in Ireland and those grown in China for McDonald's chips, the story of the spud is both satisfying and fascinating.

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  • Africa by John Reader
    Africa (English, Paperback) John Reader

    A panoramic, illustrated history of Africa from the dawn of human history to the end of apartheid charts the rise and fall of its civilizations, its complex history of slavery, its struggle with colonialism, and its great diversity. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

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  • Reconstructing Practical Theology by Revd Dr John Reader
    Reconstructing Practical Theology (English, Paperback) Revd Dr John Reader

    Argues that the discipline of practical theology needs to be re-shaped in the light of the impact of various influences created through the encounter with globalization. This book shows how it is in danger of operating with 'zombie categories'.

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  • Potato by John Reader
    Potato (English, Paperback) John Reader

    Previously published as: Propitious esculent.

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  • Christianity and the New Social Order by John Atherton
    Christianity and the New Social Order (English, Paperback) John Atherton, Christopher Baker

    Is Britain a broken society? Three contributors tackle the question in this easy-to-read manifesto aimed at the Church, public sphere and academia. They examine the values and direction of British/Western society in view of current political, economic and civil debates, and propose a new Christian agenda for change.

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  • Propitious Esculent by John Reader
    Propitious Esculent (Paperback) John Reader

    Before domestication thousands of years ago, high up on the Andean antiplano, the high alkaloid content of potatoes made them poisonous to humans. This book traces potato's fascinating journey, from its origins and evolution in the Andes to its slightly mysterious arrival in Europe.

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  • Missing Links by John Reader
    Missing Links (English, Hardback) John Reader

    What can a prehistoric skeleton tell us about human origins? From Neanderthal Man to 'Lucy' to the Flores Hobbits, fossil finds have played a key part in the quest to understand our ancestry. Author and photographer John Reader tells the fascinating story of breakthrough finds, fiercely contested theories, and a rapidly developing science.

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  • Cities by John Reader
    Cities (Paperback) John Reader

    Cities is a fascinating exploration of the nature of the city and city life, of its structures, development and inhabitants. It is a sweeping exploration of what the city is and has been, fit to stand alongside Lewis Mumford's 1962 classic The City in History.

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