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Jonarno Lawson

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  • Over the Rooftops, Under the Moon by JonArno Lawson
    Over the Rooftops, Under the Moon (English, Hardback) JonArno Lawson, Nahid Kazemi

    What happens when a bird doesn't feel like a bird?

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  • Sidewalk Flowers by Jonarno Lawson
    Sidewalk Flowers (English, Hardback) Jonarno Lawson, Sydney Smith

    A little girl collects wildflowers while walking through town with her father.

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  • Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box by JonArno Lawson
    Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box (English, Paperback) JonArno Lawson, Alec Dempster

    In this most recent addition to JonArno Lawson's rapidly growing opus, the poet takes everything we thought we knew about the world ... and turns it completely on its head. And we couldn't be more delighted. Best read aloud and with friends,Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box is great for kids who are just beginning to learn the subtle differences between sounds in the English language. Paper cuts by graphic artist Alec Dempster complement Lawson's poems, giving life to the bizarre world within the book.

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  • Playgrounds of Babel by Jonarno Lawson
    Playgrounds of Babel (English, Hardback) Jonarno Lawson, Piet Grobler

    This unusual, thought-provoking story begins with an old woman telling a tale to a group of children in a playground. One of the boys can't understand what she is saying, so another offers to translate. The old woman's tale is inspired by the Tower of Babel story: In the days when everyone spoke the same language, the people built a tower to reach God. But God was annoyed and sent a dragon to...

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  • Aloud in my Head by JonArno Lawson
    Aloud in my Head (English, Paperback) JonArno Lawson

    New edition of a ground-breaking poetry anthology (Inside Out) in which 21 poets each discuss one of their poems and how they came to write it.

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  • Think Again by ,Jonarno Lawson
    Think Again (English, Hardback) ,Jonarno Lawson

    A collection of beautifully understated four-line poems about the thrills and disappointments of first love.

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