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  • Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures by Jonathan Morris
    Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures (CD-Audio) Jonathan Morris, Jamie Robertson

    This range of two-part audio dramas stars Tom Baker reprising his most popular role as the Fourth Doctor (from 1974 -1981) with a number of his original TV companions.

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  • Doctor Who Main Range: 225 by Jonathan Morris
    Doctor Who Main Range: 225 (CD-Audio) Jonathan Morris, Ian Potter

    Vortex Ice / Cortex Fire is one of three main range 2017 Doctor Who titles consisting of two two-part stories, in a change from the usual four-parters.

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  • We are the Daleks by Jonathan Morris
    We are the Daleks (CD-Audio) Jonathan Morris

    The Doctor arrives back in the 1980s, but something is terribly wrong... and it's not just the haircuts. The mysterious media mogul Alek Zenos, head of the Zenos Corporation, is offering Britain an economic miracle. His partners wish to invest - and their terms are too good to refuse.

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  • Doctor Who Main Range 208 - The Waters of Amsterdam by Jonathan Morris
    Doctor Who Main Range 208 - The Waters of Amsterdam (CD-Audio) Jonathan Morris, Martin Montague

    Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton reprise their roles as The Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa, in a run of stories following on from 1983's adventure The Arc of Infinity.

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  • The Auntie Matter by Jonathan Morris
    The Auntie Matter (CD-Audio) Jonathan Morris

    With K9 off in the TARDIS leading the Black Guardian on a wild goose chase, the Doctor and Romana are enjoying life in a London townhouse. As the Doctor dodges deadly butlers, Romana faces a malevolent Aunt and an even deadlier peril - marriage!

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  • Sociolinguistics in Wales by Mercedes Durham
    Sociolinguistics in Wales (English, Hardback) Mercedes Durham

    This volume showcases recent sociolinguistic research about Wales and offers contributions from scholars working on Welsh, English and other languages spoken in the country.

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  • Stonehenge by Father Jonathan Morris
    Stonehenge (English, Paperback) Father Jonathan Morris

    With over one hundred illustrations and more than two hundred notes cross-referencing to over forty reference works on Stonehenge, the expanded edition ofStonehenge: solving the Neolithic Universe describes new evidence showing what Stonehenge was for and why it was built.“I do agree with you that the basic structure of Stonehenge is essentially a working model of their cosmos/perceived...

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  • American Exceptionalism? by Rick Halpern
    American Exceptionalism? (Hardback) Rick Halpern

    The idea that American historical development is different from that of other nations is an old one, yet it shows no sign of losing its emotive power. Comparing American historical development with Italian, South African, and Australian examples, the essays reinvigorate a tired debate.

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  • Doctor Who: Festival of Death by Jonathan Morris
    Doctor Who: Festival of Death (English, Paperback) Jonathan Morris

    The Beautiful Death is the ultimate theme-park ride: a sightseeing tour of the afterlife. But something has gone wrong, and when the Fourth Doctor arrives in the aftermath of the disaster, he is congratulated for saving the population from destruction - something he hasn't actually done yet.

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  • Light in the Darkness by Father Jonathan Morris
    Light in the Darkness (English, Paperback) Father Jonathan Morris $19.32
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  • The Promise by Jonathan Morris
    The Promise (English, CD-Audio) Jonathan Morris

    Fr. Jonathan shares five principles which, when applied, transform seemingly useless suffering into a means of great sanctification and personal fulfillment.

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  • Italy by Harry Hearder
    Italy (English, Paperback) Harry Hearder

    This book presents a clear, concise account of Italian history from the Ice Age to the present.

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  • The Guardians of Prophecy by Johnny Byrne
    The Guardians of Prophecy (CD-Audio) Johnny Byrne, Jonathan Morris

    The TARDIS materialises on Serenity, the last surviving world of the Traken Union. Peri expects a good place for a holiday - not tomb raiders, a labyrinth filled with terrifying monsters and a trap-laden necropolis. For Serenity's gentle name belies its history as the home planet of the Melkur...

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  • The Way of Serenity by Father Jonathan Morris
    The Way of Serenity (English, Paperback) Father Jonathan Morris

    FOX News religion analyst, program director of the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM radio, and bestselling author Father Jonathan Morris reveals how the Serenity Prayer offers a sure path to peace and fulfillment for everyone, not just those in recovery programs. The Serenity Prayer states:...

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  • The Promise by Jonathan Morris
    The Promise (English, Paperback) Jonathan Morris

    A media analyst and Catholic priest describes a spiritual journey that spanned the globe, during which he struggled to understand why a benevolent God allows pain and composed six principles for staying true to one's faith.

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  • Managing in the Modern Corporation by John Hassard
    Managing in the Modern Corporation (English, Paperback) John Hassard, Jonathan Morris

    This books is an examination of the effects of organizational restructuring in large corporations.

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  • The New History Of The Italian South by Robert Lumley
    The New History Of The Italian South (English, Paperback) Robert Lumley

    This collection brings together the work of a new generation of revisionist historians who argue that the true history of Southern Italy has been reduced to that of a 'Southern problem' viewed through a Northern prism.

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  • Transforming Buyer-Supplier Relations by Rob Imrie
    Transforming Buyer-Supplier Relations (English, Paperback) Rob Imrie, Jonathan Morris

    This study analyses the shift in the relationship between large and smaller firms from confrontation and conflict, to cooperation and mutual assistance. It charts the pace of the adaption of Japanese style buyer-supplier relations in North American and Western European organizations.

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  • Japan and the Global Economy by Jonathan Morris
    Japan and the Global Economy (English, Hardback) Jonathan Morris

    An analysis of the remarkable growth in Japanese outward investment, including chapters on the impact of Japanese FDI on each of the world's major trading blocks and examples from all sectors of the global economy.

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  • Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel by Jonathan Morris
    Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel (English, Paperback) Jonathan Morris

    He receives a battered envelope, posted eight years earlier, containing a set of instructions with a simple message: `You can save her.' As Mark is given the chance to save Rebecca, it's up to the Doctor, Amy and Rory to save the whole world.

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