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Joshua Cooley

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  • Believe It by Nick Foles
    Believe It (English, Hardback) Nick Foles, Joshua Cooley

    Get ready to defy the odds when everyone's counting you out.When the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback went down with a torn ACL in week 14 of the 2017 NFL season, many fans?and commentators?assumed the Eagles' season was over.Instead, Nick Foles came off the bench and, against all odds, led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory in history.How did Nick get it done?winning MVP...

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  • Heroes of the Bible Devotional by Joshua Cooley
    Heroes of the Bible Devotional (English, Paperback) Joshua Cooley

    Ask any 12-year-old kid to describe a hero, and you will get some of the following answers: a superstar athlete, a soldier on the front lines, or a guy in a cape who can jump over buildings.Most of our ?heroes? are related to human achievement and glory, but the Bible has a very different concept. The list of people who were great in God's eyes might shock you. This devotional book is about their...

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  • The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids by Jesse Florea
    The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids (English, Paperback) Jesse Florea, Jeremy Jones

    This devotional is perfect for kids who love sports and who love fun trivia facts about sports, facts about sports heroes, and stories about sports figures who overcame odds and performed the extraordinary. The devotional covers a large variety of sports, including sports both girls and boys will enjoy reading about. From the Polar Bear Club's New Year's Day swim to football to yo-yo records, the...

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  • The Biggest Win by Joshua Cooley
    The Biggest Win (Paperback) Joshua Cooley $17.62
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