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Ju Chan Fulton

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  • Another Man's City - A Novel by Choi In-Ho
    Another Man's City - A Novel (English, Paperback) Choi In-Ho

    "Another Man's City "is structured as a virtual-reality narrative manipulated by an entity referred to variously as the Invisible Hand or Big Brother. The scenario is reminiscent of Peter Weir's 1998 film "The Truman Show" and Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "The Unconsoled." The novel begins with a series of seemingly minor juxtapositions of the familiar and the strange, as a result of which the...

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  • Mina by Kim Sagwa
    Mina (English, Paperback) Kim Sagwa

    ?She doesn't know what to do, and that amounts to a state of torture.?Crystal toils day and night to earn top grades at her cram school. She's also endlessly texting, shopping, drinking, vexing her boyfriends, cranking up her mp3s, and fantasizing about her next slice of cheesecake. Her non- stop frenzy never quite manages the one thing that might calm her down: opening up about the pressures that...

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  • The Future of Silence: Fiction by Korean Women by Ju-Chan Fulton
    The Future of Silence: Fiction by Korean Women (English, Paperback) Ju-Chan Fulton

    Stories by Korean women from the 1960s to 2000s illuminate the complex lives, psyches and struggles of women.

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  • The Dwarf by Cho Se-Hui
    The Dwarf (English, Paperback) Cho Se-Hui

    Focuses on the dark side of South Korea's "economic miracle". First published in 1978, this work talks about the painful social costs of reckless industrialization, and portrays the spiritual malaise of the rich and powerful and a working class subject to forces beyond its control.

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