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Julia Sherwood

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  • The House of the Deaf Man by Peter Kristufek
    The House of the Deaf Man (English, Paperback)

    Peter Kristufek's sweeping family saga, covering Slovakia's history from 1938 to the early 2000s, explores the way the pressure of history makes a decent but weak man harm the people around him, skilfully weaving into the narrative extracts from authentic period documents ranging from advertisements to poetry and diaries.

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  • The Equestrienne by Ursula Kovalyk
    The Equestrienne (English, Paperback)

    In the totalitarian CSR, unruly Karolina and physically handicapped Romana have found a means of escape as part of a successful trick riding team. However, as capitalism looms, both their relationship and their freedom to ride will face a new threat - money. For there will be no room for these two 'imperfect' women while professionalism beckons...

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  • In the Name of the Father and Other Stories by Balla
    In the Name of the Father and Other Stories (English, Hardback)

    Balla is often described as "the Slovak Kafka" for his depictions of the absurd and the mundane. In the Name of the Father features a nameless narrator reflecting on his life, looking for someone else to blame for his failed relationship with his parents and two sons, his serial adultery and his wife's descent into madness.

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  • Into the Spotlight by Magdalena Mullek
    Into the Spotlight (Paperback)

    Though Into the Spotlight is drawn from the work of writers from one of Europe's smallest countries, this source reveals itself to be something like a magic lamp out of which comes a multitude of subjects, themes, and styles well out of proportion to its size.

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