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Julian Cremona Books

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  • Extreme Close-Up Photography and Focus Stacking by Julian Cremona
    Extreme Close-Up Photography and Focus Stacking (English, Paperback) Julian Cremona

    Explains what is meant by macro photography and how to get even closer to your subject: not just a close-up of a butterfly, but details of the eye and wing scales. This book includes techniques suited to any budget look at ways to photograph virtually any creature, whether terrestrial, marine or from freshwater.

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  • Seashores by Julian Cremona
    Seashores (English, Paperback) Julian Cremona

    A reference to commonly occurring organisms. With over 400 colour photographs, it looks first at the physical and biological features that determine our coast before surveying the variety of communities that exist on our shores, which include: rocky shores; sand and mud; estuaries; salt-marsh; sand dunes; shingle and plankton.

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  • Beyond Extreme Close-Up Photography by Julian Cremona
    Beyond Extreme Close-Up Photography (Paperback) Julian Cremona

    Extreme macrophotography opens up a new world for photographers, particularly biologists. By photographing subjects way beyond just life size magnifications, this book takes you a step closer to the very cells that make up organisms. Written with clarity and detail, Julian Cremona's book is the perfect guide and sister title to Extreme Close-Up Photography and Focus Stacking. His enthusiasm for...

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