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Julian Reid

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  • The Neoliberal Subject by David Chandler
    The Neoliberal Subject (English, Paperback) David Chandler, Julian Reid

    Passionate and provocative, this book sets up a dialogue between its two authors to critique the contemporary nature of neoliberalism.

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  • Manifold Greatness by Helen Moore
    Manifold Greatness (English, Paperback) Helen Moore

    This books tells the fascinating story of the creation and immediate afterlife of the first and most popular Bible in English. With over 60 illustrations of manuscripts, artefacts, and archival material, this beautiful book presents essays by leading scholars, including Diarmaid MacCulloch.

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  • The Liberal Way of War by Michael Dillon
    The Liberal Way of War (English, Paperback) Michael Dillon, Julian Reid

    The liberal way of war and the liberal way of rule are correlated. This book traces that correlation to liberalism's original commitment to 'making life live'. It explains how, in making life live, liberal rule finds its expression in making the biohuman live the emergency of its emergence.

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  • Deleuze & Fascism by Brad Evans
    Deleuze & Fascism (English, Paperback) Brad Evans

    This edited volume deploys Deleuzian thinking to re-theorize fascism as a mutable problem in changing orders of power relations dependent on hitherto misunderstood social and political conditions of formation. The book provides a theoretically distinct approach to the problem of fascism and its relations with liberalism and modernity in both historical and contemporary contexts. It serves as a...

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  • Resilient Life by Brad Evans
    Resilient Life (English, Paperback) Brad Evans, Julian Reid

    What does it mean to live dangerously? This is not just a philosophical question or an ethical call to reflect upon our own individual recklessness. It is a deeply political issue, fundamental to the new doctrine of `resilience' that is becoming a key term of art for governing planetary life in the 21st Century.

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  • The Building Accounts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-18 by Barry Collett
    The Building Accounts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-18 (English, Hardback) Barry Collett

    This edition of the building accounts is put into a wider context with a study of its founder, Richard Fox.

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