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Julie Piatt

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  • This Cheese Is Nuts by Julie Piatt
    This Cheese Is Nuts (English, Paperback) Julie Piatt

    Presents nut-based vegan cheese recipes for the home cook, including such options as aged red pepper cashew-pine nut blend, Japanese miso, and ahimsa goat cheese, along with essential tips, tools, and seventy-five recipes that use these cheeses.

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  • The Plantpower Way by Rich Roll
    The Plantpower Way (English, Hardback) Rich Roll, Julie Piatt

    Presents more than one hundred and twenty whole food recipes for every meal of the day, plus recipes for smoothies, juices, and desserts, along with advice on maintaining a plant-based lifestyle.

    $30.53 $39.95
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  • The Plantpower Way: Italia by Rich Roll
    The Plantpower Way: Italia (English, Hardback) Rich Roll, Julie Piatt

    A collection of plant-base, dairy-free recipes for classic Italian dishes features such offerings as brown rice strawberry risotto, pizza margherita, tomato-basil bruschetta, ravioli, whole roasted eggplant with parmesan, and Tuscan kale salad.

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  • Käse aus Nüssen! by Julie Piatt
    Käse aus Nüssen! (German, Paperback) Julie Piatt $29.33
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