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  • Mersey Girl
    Mersey Girl (English, Paperback) June Francis

    Having grown up in a convent after the death of her mother, Lizzie Knight has never known what it's like to have a real family. So when a strange woman turns up with promises of a new life in Liverpool, she is thrilled.From the author of A Sister's Duty and Lily's War(Note: previously published as Going Home to Liverpool)

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  • A Sister's Duty
    A Sister's Duty (English, Paperback) June Francis

    She will do what it takes, for the sake of the children...Rosie Kilshaw is only fifteen when her mother Violet is killed in a tragic accident, but as the oldest of her siblings, she vows to keep her family together, no matter what the sacrifice.

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  • Memories are Made of This
    Memories are Made of This (English, Paperback) June Francis

    From one of the genre's best-loved names, an enthralling historical saga set in 1950s' Liverpool. - Liverpool, 1954. Young Jeanette Walker often wonders what became of her mother who disappeared without trace during a wartime bombing raid thirteen years before. Was she killed outright, or did she run off with another man, as tyrannical Great Aunt Ethel insists? Embarking on a dual mission to...

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  • Many a Tear Has to Fall
    Many a Tear Has to Fall (English, Paperback) June Francis

    1959. Her modelling career in tatters and her relationship with her sailor boyfriend at an end, Maggie Gregory returns to Liverpool to mend her broken heart. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger seems to offer new romance. But is the man who calls himself Tim Murphy all he seems? Will this new relationship only lead to more heartbreak?

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  • A Mother's Duty
    A Mother's Duty (English, Paperback) June Francis

    A family at war...Raising three boys and running the Arcadia Hotel almost single-handed are enough to keep widow Kitty Ryan busy. However, Kitty finds her sons unwilling to accept another man into their household.Unless she can reunite her menfolk, the future looks set to be that of a family in conflict, in a world on the eve of war...

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  • The Pawnbroker's Niece
    The Pawnbroker's Niece (English, Paperback) June Francis

    When Eve Taylor leaves Liverpool for a new life in Cardiff, her daughter Rita has little choice but to go and live with the aunt she never knew she had. Margaret Sinclair, the local pawnbroker, grudgingly agrees. As the Great Depression hits and secrets from the past emerge, and both women must avoid making the same mistakes all over again.

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  • Lily's War
    Lily's War (English, Paperback) June Francis

    Torn between duty to her family and a last chance at love...Busy bringing up her motherless brothers and sisters, romance is the last thing on Lily Thorpe's mind. But when the handsome preacher Matt Gibson asks Lily to return with him to Australia as his wife, she finds it very hard to say no.

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  • It Had to be You
    It Had to be You (English, Paperback) June Francis

    1952. Orphaned as a young girl, Emma Booth was raised by her grandparents and following her grandfather's sudden death, she assumes she is now without family. That is until she finds a letter written during the war which reveals that she has a half-sister. Determined to find her, Emma is drawn away from the countryside to post-war Liverpool.

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  • Sunshine and Showers
    Sunshine and Showers (English, Paperback) June Francis

    Liverpool 1926. Patsy Doyle is settling into her role as live-in maid in the Tanner household, but her new job is not going smoothly. Caught between the warring Tanner spouses, Patsy becomes an unwilling confidante and a keeper of more secrets than she'd care to acknowledge. Joy Kirk is busy planning her wedding.

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  • A Daughter's Choice
    A Daughter's Choice (English, Paperback) June Francis

    Seventeen year old Katie is about to discover a devastating family secret...Katie is the apple of her mother's eye and is being groomed to take over the family business.Tormented by her divided loyalties, Katie is plagued by a question Celia refuses to answer - who is her real father?

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  • Tilly's Story
    Tilly's Story (English, Paperback) June Francis

    A tale of a young woman's search for independence and love in the shadow of the Great War, and the friendship that supports her through her time of trouble.

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  • When the Clouds Go Rolling by
    When the Clouds Go Rolling by (English, Paperback) June Francis

    When Clara and her grandmother, Bernie, attend a meeting held by a medium, they hope to be able to get in touch with Clara's father, who was killed at the Front. Whilst they remain doubtful about the existence of a spirit world, the experience does inspire Bernie to trace her one surviving child - Gertie.

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  • Love Letters in the Sand
    Love Letters in the Sand (English, Paperback) June Francis

    Liverpool, 1958. Nursery nurse Irene can't help falling for her friend Peggy's older brother. But nothing can come of it, for Marty is already married. Meanwhile, Peggy is desperate to marry her long-term boyfriend, but her Catholic parents would never accept a Protestant son-in-law. Could Irene and Peggy solve their problems by running away?

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  • Step by Step
    Step by Step (English, Paperback) June Francis

    Hannah Kirk and Alice Moran have been friends since childhood. Growing up in the historic Chester at the beginning of the 1900s, they are used to supporting each other when family life gets tough. Will they ever be free of the weight of the past, or will the years of guilt and pain that now separate them become too much of an obstacle to overcome?

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  • Friends and Lovers
    Friends and Lovers (English, Paperback) June Francis

    When Vivien's mother Hilda reappears after eight years she stirs up painful memories. But now at last Vivien has the opportunity to find out her father's identity - but Hilda refuses to reveal his name leaving Vivien determined to track him down, but will determination turn to obsession?

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  • A Place to Call Home
    A Place to Call Home (English, Paperback) June Francis

    With the Depression and the Great War in recent history and the Second World War about to begin, emotions are running high. This is particularly true for young Greta Peters who lost her mother, brother and sister to illness and now lives with her father, Harry. Helping them in their grief is neighbour Rene and grandmother Cissie.

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  • Look for the Silver Lining
    Look for the Silver Lining (English, Paperback) June Francis

    When Nellie marries a man who does not meet with her mother's approval she is cut off from her family. With her soldier husband Teddy away, a pregnant Nellie is forced to face alone the horrors of the blitz. Only when a bomb destroys the family home is she reunited with her younger sisters?

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  • It's Now or Never
    It's Now or Never (English, Paperback) June Francis

    Liverpool, 1955. Actress Dorothy Wilson is offered her first major part in a feature film. But her boyfriend Sam wants her to settle down and start a family. Meanwhile, Lynne Donegan is bringing up her daughter on her own, eking out a meagre living as a dressmaker. The two women's lives are destined to intertwine in ways they could never imagine.

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  • Flowers on the Mersey
    Flowers on the Mersey (English, Paperback) June Francis

    When Adam Rhoades tires of Ireland's politics and decides to leave for America, his daughter Rebekah's future happiness is threatened. For Rebekah, against her father's wishes, has fallen in love with handsome young Republican, Daniel O'Neill. But a cruel twist of fate leaves Rebekah alone in Liverpool.

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  • Another Man's Child
    Another Man's Child (Paperback) June Francis

    A warm-hearted Liverpool saga.

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