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Jurgen Becker

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  • Cultivating Chaos by Jonas Reif
    Cultivating Chaos (English, Hardback) Jonas Reif, Christian Kress

    Cultivating Chaos reveals how gardeners can make their own natural landscape gardens by harnessing the energy of self-seeding plants.

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  • Year in the Garden by Gisela Keil
    Year in the Garden (English, Hardback) Gisela Keil, Jurgen Becker

    Whether you're planting your first flowers or perfecting your master garden, this luminous daybook takes you around the world of gardens for a daily dose of inspiration.

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  • Lingam Massage by Michaela Riedl
    Lingam Massage (English, Paperback) Michaela Riedl, Jurgen Becker

    A tantric massage practice for awakening and honoring male creative energy and allowing a man conscious, loving contact with his own masculinity

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  • NASA by Hans-Jurgen Becker
    NASA (English, Hardback) Hans-Jurgen Becker

    Around the world, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is synonymous with air and space flight. This book covers NASA's aerospaceresearch from the agency's beginnings as NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) in 1915 to the present-day NASA. Exciting projects and developments are portrayed, such as the first supersonic flight of the X-1 in 1947, the flights of the...

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  • Advances in Aeronautical Informatics by Umut Durak
    Advances in Aeronautical Informatics (English, Hardback) Umut Durak

    The history of flight started with the pioneer era. The introduction of mechanical controls (including hydraulics) then led to the second era. Later, with the utilization of computers and automation in aircraft, we reached the third era. Now, we are moving towards the fourth era of flight, namely Flight 4.0, which is characterized by ?smart? and ?connected? aircraft that extensively exploit...

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  • KP Brehmer by K. P. Brehmer
    KP Brehmer (Hardback) K. P. Brehmer, Jurgen Becker Currently Unavailable More details