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Kasia Matyjaszek

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  • I am Actually a Penguin by Sean Taylor
    I am Actually a Penguin (English, Paperback) Sean Taylor, Kasia Matyjaszek

    When a little girl is given a penguin suit she decides that living as a penguin is much more fun than just dressing as one. But penguins don't exactly behave like people. They don't ride the bus like people, they don't talk like people and they certainly don't catch fish fingers like people. Her family tell her, "You're not actually a penguin," but she knows that she ACTUALLY is. ...

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  • Ladybird Classics: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
    Ladybird Classics: Black Beauty (English, Hardback) Anna Sewell, Kasia Matyjaszek

    Abridged and retold to make it suitable for sharing with young children from 5+, this book retains all the key parts of the story including Black Beauty's friendship with Ginger, his treatment at the hands of his owners, and fascinating historical detail about how horses had many different uses in the days before cars.

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  • I Am A Very Clever Cat by Kasia Matyjaszek
    I Am A Very Clever Cat (English, Paperback) Kasia Matyjaszek

    Stockton the cat is extremely clever and very good at everything. Especailly knitting. He is excellent at knitting. If you are very lucky, he will show you how he knits a fancy scarf. He never gets in a tangle at all. Never. Not even a little bit. A hilarious picture book from exciting new talent Kasia Matyjaszek about a chaotic cat. A fabulously illustrated yarn.

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  • The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee by Michelle Sloan
    The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee (English, Paperback) Michelle Sloan, Kasia Matyjaszek

    The contest for the Bonniest Baby in Dundee is here, and one very grubby baby brother is scrubbed, dressed, combed and taken by his mum and big sister to charm the judges.

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  • I Am Actually a Penguin by Sean Taylor
    I Am Actually a Penguin (English, Hardback) Sean Taylor, Kasia Matyjaszek

    An imaginative little girl in a penguin suit decides that she wants a fun life like real penguins who never have to ride the bus, talk to people or eat fish sticks, a conviction that prompts her to ignore relatives who try to tell her she is not actually a penguin herself.

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  • Molly Rogers to the Rescue by Cornelia Funke
    Molly Rogers to the Rescue (English, Paperback) Cornelia Funke, Kasia Matyjaszek

    Molly Rogers and Barbarous Bertha are back in a brand new swashbuckling adventure from Cornelia Funke and Kasia Matyjaszek! Can Molly outwit Captain Firebeard and save Monkey Skull Island from his clutches? A fantastic pirate adventure for little readers, bursting with brilliant characters, gorgeous illustrations and lots of girl power!

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