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Katherine Verdery

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  • My Life as a Spy by Katherine Verdery
    My Life as a Spy (English, Paperback) Katherine Verdery

    Katherine Verdery analyzes the 2,781 page surveillance file the Romanian secret police compiled on her during her research trips to Transylvania in the 1970s and 1980s. Reading it led her to question her identity and also revealed how deeply the secret police was embedded in everyday life.

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  • Secrets and Truths by Katherine Verdery
    Secrets and Truths (English, Paperback) Katherine Verdery

    Secrets and Truth offers a rare insider's look into Secret Police's actions in Romania.

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  • The Political Lives of Dead Bodies by Katherine Verdery
    The Political Lives of Dead Bodies (English, Paperback) Katherine Verdery

    Since 1989, scores of bodies across Eastern Europe have been exhumed and brought to rest in new gravesites. Verdery investigates why certain corpses have taken on political life in the turbulent times following the end of Communist Party rule.

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  • What Was Socialism, and What Comes Next? by Katherine Verdery
    What Was Socialism, and What Comes Next? (English, Paperback) Katherine Verdery

    Presents a collection of essays that deal with the aftermath of Soviet-style socialism and the different forms that may replace it. This book explores the nature of socialism in order to understand its consequences.

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