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Keir Giles

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  • Moscow Rules by Keir Giles
    Moscow Rules (English, Paperback) Keir Giles

    Describes how Russian leaders have used consistent doctrinal and strategic approaches to the rest of the world. These approaches may seem alien in the West, but understanding them is essential for successful engagement with Moscow. Keir Giles argues that understanding how Moscow's leaders think will help the West develop a less crisis-prone and more productive relationship with Russia.

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  • Russian Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa (Enlarged Edition) by Strategic Studies Institute
    Russian Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa (Enlarged Edition) (English, Paperback) Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College

    An apparent lack of interest by Russia in Sub-Saharan Africa over recent years masks persistent key strategic drivers for Moscow to re-establish lost influence in the region. A preoccupation with more immediate foreign policy concerns has temporarily interrupted a process of Russia reclaiming relationships that were well-developed in the Soviet period in order to secure access to mineral and...

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