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Keith Flint

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  • Honours of War by Keith Flint
    Honours of War (English, Paperback)

    The Seven Years' War was the pinnacle of 18th-century European warfare, with dramatic campaigns and battles, famous leaders, and colourful uniforms. Compared with the Napoleonic Wars, tactics were simpler, armies more professional, and battles tended to be smaller. Rules of this book allow for a wide range of tactics and reward historical play.

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  • Airborne Armour by Keith Flint
    Airborne Armour (English, Paperback)

    Despite all the works on airborne forces published since 1945, the full story of Britain's 'airborne armour' has remained untold until now. The story is in two parts - the project to fly tanks onto the battlefield to support airborne forces, and the history of the unit that operated those tanks - the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment.

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