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Kelly Holmes

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  • Running Life by Kelly Holmes
    Running Life (English, Hardback) Kelly Holmes

    Running Life is an inspirational and attainable guide to how mindset, fitness and nutrition - the 'Big Three' as Dame Kelly terms them - interlink to transform your overall wellbeing.

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  • Happy You, Happy Family by Kelly Holmes
    Happy You, Happy Family (English, Paperback) Kelly Holmes

    You want to be a loving parent who guides your kids towards a life of happiness and success. But the chaos of parenting life leaves you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just vaguely annoyed all the time. (Or maybe it's not so vague.)With this practical guide for busy parents and a bonus printable workbook, you'll know how to:* Stop feeling overwhelmed. Get a handle on the swirling chaos of to-do...

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  • New Ethnicities and Language Use by Roxy Harris
    New Ethnicities and Language Use (English, Paperback) Roxy Harris

    The children and grandchildren of South Asian migrants to the UK are living out British identities which go largely unrecognized. This book emphasizes their everyday low-key Britishness, albeit a Britishness with new inflections. It is this sensibility that marks them as Brasians .

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  • Just Go For It! by Dame Kelly Holmes
    Just Go For It! (English, Paperback) Dame Kelly Holmes

    Everybody has something they long for - be it succeeding in a new career, losing weight, getting out of debt, or even just getting more organised in life. This book teaches you the six steps that everyone needs in order to move from a no-can-do position to glory and success.

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  • Kelly Holmes by Kelly Holmes
    Kelly Holmes (English, Paperback) Kelly Holmes

    Kelly Holmes made history when she brought home double gold in the 2004 Olympics, becoming a national hero. She won Sports Personality of the Year, was given a Damehood, fully backed London's successful 2012 Olympic bid and became a superstar on the red carpet as well as a much acclaimed and consulted professional in the sporting world.

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