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Ken Blanchard

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  • The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey by Ken Blanchard
    The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey (English, Paperback)

    With a new foreword by Ken Blanchard How management can effectively rid themselves of `monkeys' - other people's responsibilities that cling to them and prevent them managing efficiently.

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  • Relationomics by Dr. Randy Ross
    Relationomics (English, Hardback)

    Speaker, author and consultant working with Fortune 500 companies offers leaders four key principles to cultivate healthy relationships, develop strong teams, reduce turnover, and grow their organizations.

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  • Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard
    Raving Fans (English, Hardback)

    Written in the parable style of The One Minute Manager by its co-author, Raving Fans uses a brilliantly simple and charming story to teach how to define a vision, learn what a customer really wants, institute effective systems, and make stunning customer service a constant feature--not just another program of the month.

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  • Excellence Wins by Horst Schulze
    Excellence Wins (English, Hardback)

    In Excellence Wins, co-founder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Horst Schulze shares the visionary and disruptive principles that have produced immense global successes over the course of his still prolific fifty-year career.

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  • Leadership and the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard
    Leadership and the One Minute Manager (English, Hardback)

    Provides a guide to effective business leadership through important concepts and techniques of leadership, including flexibility, diagnosis, contracts, building skill, confidence, and autonomy in others.

    $12.54 $23.99
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  • Purposeful Retirement by Hyrum W. Smith
    Purposeful Retirement (English, Paperback)

    #1 Amazon Best Seller! - Retirement and good livingIf you're a fan of How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free, you'll love Purposeful Retirement...

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  • Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard
    Servant Leader (English, Hardback)

    Best-selling author of The One-Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard, along with Phil Hodges, reveals the meaning of servant leadership modeled after Jesus Christ. Based on Blanchard's and Hodges' Faith Walk seminars, business leaders come to realize that teams are more powerful than the sum of the individuals and to recognize their people as appreciating assets.

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  • The New One Minute Manager CD by Ken Blanchard
    The New One Minute Manager CD (English, CD-Audio)

    Follows the parable-like story of a person who wants to work for and become an effective manager and who subsequently learns about three practical management techniques.

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  • Purposeful Retirement by Hyrum W Smith
    Purposeful Retirement (English, Hardback)

    Retirement and good living Are you getting ready to simplify life and move from the world of work to a life of retirement and good living to enter a happy retirement? Retirement and good living: The author of Purposeful Retirement, Hyrum W. Smith, is one of the original creators of the popular Franklin Day Planner, the former Chairman and

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  • El Liderazgo Servicial by Ken Blanchard
    El Liderazgo Servicial (Multiple languages, Paperback)

    This collection features forty-four renowned servant leadership experts and practitioners -prominent business executives, bestselling authors, and respected spiritual leaders- who offer advice and tools for implementing this proven, but for some still radical, leadership model.

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  • Lead Like Jesus Revisited by Ken Blanchard
    Lead Like Jesus Revisited (English, Paperback)

    'The more I read the Bible, the more evident it becomes that everything I have ever taught or written about effective leadership over the past 25 years, Jesus did to perfection. He is simply the greatest leadership role model of all time.' -Ken Blanchard

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  • Out of the Maze by Spencer Johnson
    Out of the Maze (English, Hardback)

    A sequel to the classic business parable "Who Moved My Cheese?" relates how characters Hem and Haw must learn how to adapt their beliefs to achieve better results.

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  • Legendary Service: The Key is to Care by Ken Blanchard
    Legendary Service: The Key is to Care (English, Hardback)

    Kelsey Young is an optimistic but disillusioned sales associate working her way through college. Her world opens up when one of her professors challenges her to create a culture of service at her workplace by putting the five components of Legendary Service into practice.

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  • Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager Revised Edition by Ken Blanchard
    Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager Revised Edition (English, Hardback)

    A business parable follows the experiences of young advertising executive Steve, who, on the brink of losing his job, learns from a gifted magician three empowering techniques that enable him to take responsibility for his situation.

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  • The Generosity Factor by Ken Blanchard
    The Generosity Factor (English, Paperback)

    Packaged for you in bestseller form by The One-Minute Manager author Ken Blanchard and the entrepreneur and founder of Chic-Fil-A restaurants, S. Truett Cathy, The Generosity Factor invites you to discover the secret of true success. Here's a hint: it's what Jesus told us about giving away our time, talent, and treasure. Read this book ... reap the rewards.

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  • Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard
    Lead Like Jesus (English, CD-Audio)

    Lead Like Jesus is a new concept to help people take God out of the spiritual compartment of their private spiritual life and give Him free reign in all their daily actions and relationships, especially their leadership roles.

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  • Practicing Greatness by Reggie McNeal
    Practicing Greatness (English, Hardback)

    Based on his extensive experience as coach and mentor to many thousands of Christian leaders across a broad spectrum of ministry settings, Reggie McNeal helps spiritual leaders understand that they will self-select into or out of greatness.

    $23.17 $24.95
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  • The Carpenter by Jon Gordon
    The Carpenter (English, Hardback)

    Bestselling author Jon Gordon returns with his most inspiring book yet filled with powerful lessons and the greatest success strategies of all. Michael wakes up in the hospital with a bandage on his head and fear in his heart.

    $18.95 $23.00
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  • Who Killed Change? by Ken Blanchard
    Who Killed Change? (English, Paperback)

    By the bestselling author of The One Minute Manager, a business parable that teaches organizations to cope successfully with change.

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  • High Five! None of Us Is as Smart as All of Us by Ken Blanchard
    High Five! None of Us Is as Smart as All of Us (English, Hardback)

    Presents a blueprint for building a successful team in any organization, introducing a variety of essential tools for transforming any group of employees--from a small unit to a large corporation--into a winning team.

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