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Kenneth Falconer

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  • Fractals: A Very Short Introduction by Kenneth Falconer
    Fractals: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Kenneth Falconer

    From the contours of coastlines to the outlines of clouds, fractal shapes can be found regularly in nature. This Very Short Introduction explains the basic concepts, presents the 'new geometry' of fractals, explores its wide range of applications, and shows the central place fractals have gained in mathematics and science in recent years.

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  • Fractal Geometry by Kenneth Falconer
    Fractal Geometry (English, Hardback) Kenneth Falconer

    This comprehensive and popular textbook makes fractal geometry accessible to final-year undergraduate math or physics majors, while also serving as a reference for research mathematicians or scientists. This up-to-date edition covers introductory multifractal theory, random fractals, and modern applications in finance and science.

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  • Vanir, Guardian. by Saul Kenneth Falconer
    Vanir, Guardian. (English, Paperback) Saul Kenneth Falconer

    Right up until the day he found the stormerki, shy teen Ezekiel Waters had always assumed that he was human.But right now, he has just has to make it to Svalbard, in the Arctic circle. To the underground city of the Aesir. To safety.Because enemies of his Vanir ancestors hunger after the stormerki and even though he has the Alfheim to protect him, the Myrkvar are closing in. Beginning to...

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