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Kenturo Miura

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  • Berserk: v. 4 by Kenturo Miura
    Berserk: v. 4 (English, Paperback) Kenturo Miura

    Now that the evil Count has been killed and dragged to Hell by the demon lords of the Godhand, Guts, the Black Swordsman, hooks up with his former benefactor, the mercenary Gambino. But it's a deadly reunion, one that nearly takes Guts' life. The following years see Guts wandering from battlefield to battlefield, where his awesome skills as a slayer catch the eye of both warring parties,...

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  • Berserk: Guardians of Desire v. 2 by Kenturo Miura
    Berserk: Guardians of Desire v. 2 (English, Paperback) Kenturo Miura

    The evil Count uses his dark powers to transform a defeated guard captain into an inhuman horror to combat Guts, the Black Swordsman. Puck, Guts' pint-sized fairy sidekick, is captured when he attempts to stop an old doctor's execution, and he is given as a gift to the count's daughter, a sweet girl in a gilded cage, imprisoned by her father in her own room. Guts, determined to make mincemeat of...

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  • Berserk: v. 3 by Kenturo Miura
    Berserk: v. 3 (English, Paperback) Kenturo Miura

    Guts, the feared Black Swordsman, finishes his desperate battle with the monstrous Count, cutting and blasting him to gory scraps when the presence of the Count's daughter makes the monster hesitate. But Guts won't even have the time to clean his gigantic sword when the Count's dying pleas activate the Behelit, summoning the five God Hands, demon lords of immeasurable power. Guts' journey so far...

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  • Berserk: v. 15 by Kenturo Miura
    Berserk: v. 15 (English, Paperback) Kenturo Miura

    From his days as a young mercenary to his time as captain of the Band of the Hawks' Raiders, Guts's life has been defined by his ability to fight and his will to win. Now cursed with the Brand of Sacrifice ? a sigil that will forever mark him as prey for the damned ? and with his companions dead, his lover's mind destroyed and his one-time commander and friend reborn as a malevolent demon lord, it...

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