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Kerry Lord

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  • Edward's Menagerie by Kerry Lord
    Edward's Menagerie (English, Paperback) Kerry Lord

    An adorable collection of crochet animals - from aardvark to zebra! Over 40 patterns using simple techniques, including bunny, cat, monkey, elephant, giraffe, tiger, rhino, hippo and more. Change the size of the hook/yarn to create 4 different sizes - meaning you can make 160 toys from this book!

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  • Edward's Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord
    Edward's Crochet Imaginarium (English, Hardback) Kerry Lord

    Make more than a million monsters! With the split pages in this imaginative mix-and-match crochet collection, you can choose exactly the head, arms, and feet you want to customize your own crazy critter. On the back of each photo you'll find crocheting instructions, and it's up to you to select the colors; add stripes, spots, or scales; or sew on extras--including horns, wings, or tails.

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  • Edward's Menagerie: Birds by Kerry Lord
    Edward's Menagerie: Birds (English, Paperback) Kerry Lord

    40 simple bird crochet patterns presented in Kerry Lord's witty style: from Elvis the cockatoo with a karaoke addiction to Dora the narcoleptic Wood Pigeon. Whether you want to crochet a penguin, owl, chicken or flamingo, Edward's Menagerie: Birds has the perfect pattern. Once you've made one you'll want to stitch the whole flock!

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  • Edward's Menagerie: Dogs by Kerry Lord
    Edward's Menagerie: Dogs (English, Hardback) Kerry Lord

    Dog lovers will go barking wild for this addition to the popular Edward's Menagerie series, with 50 fabulous projects featuring their favorite four-legged creatures. Each crochet pattern includes step-by-step instructions and full-color photography that showcases the completed project alongside its real-life counterpart. Author Kerry Lord also explains how to customize each pattern, so crocheters can capture their own beloved canine companion?whatever breed it is.

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  • Edward's Crochet Doll Emporium by Kerry Lord
    Edward's Crochet Doll Emporium (English, Hardback) Kerry Lord

    Mix, match, and crochet more than a million different dolls with this amazing book of patterns! The fun format and flippable pages make it easy to build a character with the exact hairstyles, outfits, and accessories you want. Create dolls that look just like your favorite people?even celebrities?or make just one with an extraordinary wardrobe. Step-by-step instructions help even beginners grasp the techniques.

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  • Edwards freche Tierparade by Kerry Lord
    Edwards freche Tierparade (German, Hardback) Kerry Lord

    Häkeltiere haben ihren ganz eigenen Charakter! Emma legt besonders großen Wert auf ihre Tea-Time, Georgina liebt es, die neuesten Nagellacktrends auszuprobieren, und Hank ist ein wahrer Frauenversteher. Doch handelt es sich hier nicht etwa um Personen, sondern um eine Häsin, eine Nilpferddame und ein Schaf. Diese drei sind nämlich Teil von Edwards frecher Tierparade! Häkeln Sie sich eine...

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