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Kerstin Uvnas Moberg

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  • Oxytocin The Biological Guide to Motherhood by Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg
    Oxytocin The Biological Guide to Motherhood (Paperback)

    What role does oxytocin play in the many changes that occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding designed to make mothers better mothers? How does birth, breastfeeding, and skin-to-skin contact affect oxytocin release? How do birth interventions--epidurals, Cesarean sections, oxytocin infusions, and medications--impact oxytocin release? And how does oxytocin release (or lack of) impact the mother...

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  • The Oxytocin Factor by Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg
    The Oxytocin Factor (English, Paperback)

    The Oxytocin Factor is the first book to reveal the importance of the whole oxytocin system for a general audience. Both the new research findings and the potentially beneficial applications of this hormone in reducing anxiety states, stress, addictions, and problems of childbirth are fascinating and of great significance in all our lives.

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  • The Hormone of Closeness by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg
    The Hormone of Closeness (English, Paperback)

    Kerstin Uvnas Moberg's new book offers an exciting physiological perspective on intimacy and relationships. The closeness hormone, oxytocin, give us comfort and peace, but it also creates and reinforces relationships throughout life.

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  • Oxytocin, Das Hormon Der N he by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg
    Oxytocin, Das Hormon Der N he (German, Hardback)

    Die renommierte Autorin und Oxytocinforscherin, Kerstin Uvn s Moberg, betrachtet in diesem Buch N he und Beziehung aus einem h chst spannenden physiologischen Blickwinkel. N he, K rperkontakt und Beziehung stimulieren die Aussch ttung von Oxytocin. Dieses "Hormon der N he" bewirkt Ruhe und Entspannung, baut Angst ab, verbessert unsere Wahrnehmung f r Beziehungssignale, erh ht unser Vertrauen in...

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  • Oxytocin The Biological Guide to Motherhood by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg
    Oxytocin The Biological Guide to Motherhood (Paperback)

    Moberg presents compelling scientific data that demonstrates the important role oxytocin plays in motherhood. She describes how it helps mothers access inborn female competence that helps them transition to motherhood & give birth more easily, feel better after birth & breastfeed more easily.

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  • Why Oxytocin Matters by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg
    Why Oxytocin Matters (Paperback) $11.20 $11.79
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