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Kevin C Fitzpatrick

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  • The Lost Algonquin Round Table by Nat Benchley
    The Lost Algonquin Round Table (English, Paperback) Nat Benchley $18.88
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  • Dorothy Parker by Dorothy Parker
    Dorothy Parker (English, Paperback) Dorothy Parker, Kevin C Fitzpatrick $34.95
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  • A Journey Into Dorothy Parker's New York Second Edition by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
    A Journey Into Dorothy Parker's New York Second Edition (English, Paperback) Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

    A journey into the city of theatres, bars and hotel rooms where Dorothy Parker sharpened her wit, polished her writing and captured the edgy mood of her times. Richly illustrated with the art and design of this period, this title captures the New York that inspired Mrs. Parker, a city that would later take inspiration from the formidable lady herself.

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  • Under the Table by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
    Under the Table (English, Hardback) Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

    "I love a martini? But two at the most. Three, I'm under the table; Four, I'm under the host." Raise a glass to Dorothy Parker's wit and wisdom. Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, founder and president of the Dorothy Parker Society, gives us an intoxicating new look at the doyenne of the ripping riposte through the lens she most preferred: the bottom of a glass. A bar book for Parker enthusiasts and literary tipplers alike, Under the Table offers a unique take on Mrs. Parker, the Algonquin Round Table, and the Jazz Age by celebrating the cocktails that she, her bitter friends, and sweetest enemies enjoyed. Each entry of this delicious compendium offers a fascinating and lively history of a period cocktail, a complete recipe, and the characters associated with it. The book also features a special selection of twenty first?century speakeasy-style recipes from the country's top mixologists. Topping it off are excerpts from Parker's poems, stories, and other writings that will allow you to enjoy her world from the speakeasies of New York City to the watering holes of Hollywood.

    $14.27 $16.95
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  • Governors Island Explorer's Guide by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
    Governors Island Explorer's Guide (English, Paperback) Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

    Governors Island is a 172-acre park just 800 yards from Manhattan. It was a military base for 200 years and only opened to the public in 2004. Today it draws 500,000 visitors a season. This insightful guidebook is for any visitor to the island: a bicyclist who just wants to enjoy five miles of car-free biking, the Civil War enthusiast that wants to visit Castle Williams and see where 1,000 Confederate soldiers were imprisoned, or families on a picnic. The author explores the history of the island, its place in New York and American government, and its long and distinguished military past. More than 80 locations are featured that visitors can explore?from forts to officers housing and much more.

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  • World War I New York by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
    World War I New York (English, Paperback) Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

    American involvement in World War I started and ended in New York Harbor. In 1917 many troops departed from the city which would be an important hub throughout the war as recruiting and patriotic efforts continued. Following the Armistice in 1918, more memorials were erected to World War I veterans than for any other event. Now on the centennial, explore more than 50 locations in New York that have ties to The Great War and tell the stories behind each.

    $15.62 $16.95
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  • 111 Places in the Bronx That You Must Not Miss by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
    111 Places in the Bronx That You Must Not Miss (English, Paperback) Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, Joe Conzo

    Whether you are a first time visitor, longtime resident, or a native, you will find 111 hidden gems in the Bronx. The most unexplored borough of New York City is yours to discover with 111 Places in The Bronx That You Must Not Miss.

    $18.90 $19.90
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  • The Algonquin Round Table New York by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick
    The Algonquin Round Table New York (English, Hardback) Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

    "That is the thing about New York," wrote Dorothy Parker in 1928. "It is always a little more than you had hoped for. Each day, there, is so definitely a new day." Now you can journey back there, in time, to a grand city teeming with hidden bars, luxurious movie palaces, and dazzling skyscrapers. In these places, Dorothy Parker and her cohorts in the Vicious Circle at the infamous Algonquin Round Table sharpened their wit, polished their writing, and captured the energy and elegance of the time. Robert Benchley, Parker's best friend, became the first managing editor of Vanity Fair before Irving Berlin spotted him onstage in a Vicious Circle revue and helped launch his acting career. Edna Ferber, an occasional member of the group, wrote the Pulitzer-winning bestseller So Big as well as Show Boat and Cimarron. Jane Grant pressed her first husband, Harold Ross, into starting The New Yorker. Neysa McMein, reputedly ?rode elephants in circus parades and dashed from her studio to follow passing fire engines.? Dorothy Parker wrote for Vanity Fair and Vogue before ascending the throne as queen of the Round Table, earning everlasting fame (but rather less fortune) for her award-winning short stories and unforgettable poems. Alexander Woollcott, the centerpiece of the group, worked as drama critic for the Times and the World, wrote profiles of his friends for The New Yorker, and lives on today as Sheridan Whiteside in The Man Who Came to Dinner. Explore their favorite salons and saloons, their homes and offices (most still standing), while learning about their colorful careers and private lives. Packed with archival photos, drawings, and other images--including never-before-published material--this illustrated historical guide includes current information on all locations. Use it to retrace the footsteps of the Algonquin Round Table, and you'll discover that the golden age of Gotham still surrounds us.

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