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Kim Paleg

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  • When Anger Hurts Your Relationship by Kim Paleg
    When Anger Hurts Your Relationship (English, Paperback) Kim Paleg, Matthew McKay

    Two psychologists offer couples a variety of tools and strategies to reduce conflict, diffuse rage, and move beyond repeated confrontations to regain a loving relationship.

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  • When Anger Hurts Your Kids by Matthew McKay
    When Anger Hurts Your Kids (English, Paperback) Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning

    Based on a study of how 250 parents copy with their anger, this handbook helps readers understand their anger and the effect it has on their children. The authors identify 16 trigger thoughts that cause anger, and show parents how to change these thoughts into healthy, problem-solving communication.

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  • Messages Workbook by Martha Davis
    Messages Workbook (English, Paperback) Martha Davis, Kim Paleg

    This book teaches you proven communication skills that can improve your intimate relationshiops, resolve family conflicts, and make you more effective and successful at work. The workbook provides worksheets, fill-in exercises, and is based on the step-by-step skills and information provided in Messages: The Communication Skills Book, now in second edition and has sold over 67,000 copies.

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  • The Group Therapy Treatment Planner, with DSM-5 Updates by Arthur E. Jongsma
    The Group Therapy Treatment Planner, with DSM-5 Updates (English, Paperback) Arthur E. Jongsma, Kim Paleg

    Features pre-written treatment plan components (behavioral definitions, long-term goals, short-term objectives, therapeutic interventions, and DSM-IV-TR diagnoses) for group therapy.The Group Therapy Treatment Planner provides all of the necessary elements for developing formal treatment plans for working in group settings. This updated edition includes DSM-IV-TR, DSM-5, ICD-9, and ICD-10...

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