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  • Klutz Maker Lab: Gumball Machine by Klutz Press
    Klutz Maker Lab: Gumball Machine (English, Novelty book) Klutz Press

    Perfect for any budding engineer with a sweet tooth! Make your own gumball machine with a book of step-by-step instructions, adjustable ramps, custom snaps and bumper guides. Then, keep the ball rolling with other gumball-related science experiments using simple machines. It's a ball of fun!

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  • Klutz Extra Stuff: Scoubidou by Klutz Press
    Klutz Extra Stuff: Scoubidou (English, Mixed media product) Klutz Press

    Scoop up six more bundles of totally tubular cord, including four colors that are exclusive to this pack (glitter blue, neon magenta, glitter yellow, and neon tangerine). Just like the cord that came with the book, this scoubidou comes in generous 20-foot lengths, so it's perfect for every project from short keychains to long whistle lanyards.

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  • Klutz Extra Stuff: Paper Fashions Fancy by Klutz Press
    Klutz Extra Stuff: Paper Fashions Fancy (English, Mixed media product) Klutz Press

    When it comes to fancy fashions, too much is never enough. Here are the 20 sheets of fabulous paper that came with the book along with 20 more papers created just for this pack -- enough for all the glittery, velvety, sparkly red carpet gowns young designers can dream up. Plus, ten tiny wire hangers. Get glam!

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  • The Shrinky Dinks Book by Sherri Haab
    The Shrinky Dinks Book (English, Hardback) Sherri Haab, Klutz Press

    Shrinky Dinks is amazing shrinkable plastic. Draw or trace a design on it, color it, cut it out, stick it in the oven and -- presto! -- your creation shrinks to nearly half its original size. You get six sheets of Shrinky Dink in this book, along with a mind-boggling collection of ready-to-trace, ready-to-color, ready-to-shrink artwork.

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  • Marker Everything by Klutz Press
    Marker Everything (English, Mixed media product) Klutz Press

    Make your mark with a rainbow of mini markers and this hands-on guide to drawing and doodling. Master more than 30 techniques like making patterns, masking, and tie-dying to bring a little color into your world. Get your creative juices flowing with our 10 project ideas or dive right in with the two included fold-and-build 3-D paper figurines. Mark our words, you're gonna love it!...

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  • Extra Stuff for Window Art by Klutz Press
    Extra Stuff for Window Art (English, Mixed media product) Klutz Press

    Improve the view from every window in your house with this set of brilliant window paints. Fans of the book get five more colors to play with, including violet, turquoise, and poppy red. A nice big bottle of black (indispensable for outlining) completes the package.

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  • Bath and Body Box by Klutz Press
    Bath and Body Box (English, Novelty book) Klutz Press

    Glow from the inside-out with the best collection of DIY bath and body treatments! Make a refreshing facial mask, soothing Mermaid Shimmer Gel and relaxing Bubble Bath Bonbons, with everything you need right in the box! Then, whip up a variety of pampering potions using our simple recipes, made with easy-to-find ingredients like fresh fruit, sugar, olive oil and honey. Spoil yourself with sugar...

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  • Circuit Games by Klutz Press
    Circuit Games (English, Novelty book) Klutz Press

    Spark your interest in circuitry! Get ready to be amazed with this electrifying combination of five circuit games to build from scratch. Use actual electronic components to construct a DIY operation game, compete with friends in a Space Loop race, assemble a quiz show board, and more.

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  • Icky Poo Toy by Klutz Press
    Icky Poo Toy (English, Other merchandise) Klutz Press Currently Unavailable More details
  • Klutz Disney Make Your Own Princess Tiaras by Klutz Press
    Klutz Disney Make Your Own Princess Tiaras (English, Hardback) Klutz Press

    With Make Your Own Disney Princess Tiaras your little princess can create one-of-a-kind crowns in her own regal style. The tiaras are adjustable (for a perfect fit) and come in sparkling Ariel Pink (from The Little Mermaid), Belle Yellow (from Beauty and the Beast), and Cinderella Blue. She can decorate them with a wide array of jewels, sequins, pom-poms, and stickersincluding only-from-Klutz...

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  • Sticker Book by Klutz Press
    Sticker Book (English, Spiral bound) Klutz Press

    Including sticker puzzles, sticker games, sticker jokes, sticker pictures, sticker people, sticker activities and sticker goofiness, plus tricky stickers, this book has more stickers than any other book in its price range. Over 450 stickers. Full color. (Consumable)

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  • Paper Fashions by Klutz Press
    Paper Fashions (English, Paperback) Klutz Press

    Keep creating fabulous paper fashions with this handy portfolio of supplies. It includes all 20 of the patterned and colored papers from the original book, plus 21 more papers designed exclusively for this pack (including vellum, eyelet, and leather looks). And, of course, ten tiny wire hangers. So chic!

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  • Kids Cooking by Klutz Press
    Kids Cooking (English, Mixed media product) Jim M'Guinness

    Over the years, this classic collection of parent-approved recipes has become the favorite cookbook of countless thousands of real kids in real kitchens. It's printed on wipe-clean, glossy pages (on the remote chance that anything gets spilled) and packaged with a set of color-coded measuring spoons....

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  • Window Art Deluxe Refill Set by Klutz Press
    Window Art Deluxe Refill Set (English, Mixed media product) Klutz Press

    Twelve more bottles of squirt-on, peel off window paints, along with instructions for use.

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  • Board Games by Klutz Press
    Board Games (English, Paperback) Klutz Press

    The Klutz Book of Board Games features a brand-new selection of games to play on 15 different game boards, along with crystal-clear directions for play. Each spread is uniquely illustrated in appealing style. Custom-designed playing pieces, dice, and other accouterment come in the storage compartment attached to the book, which is ingeniously engineered to lie flat during game play.

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  • A Book That's All about My Family by Klutz Press
    A Book That's All about My Family (English, Paperback) Klutz Press

    Each kit contains everything any kid needs to make their own unique book. The centerpiece is a mostly blank, wire-o-bound book equipped with tear-out pages of simple how-to instruction and inspiration. A double-tipped pen and a bunch of craft supplies unique to each kit are also provided, including a myriad of foam shapes, letters, googly eyes, and colorful Klutz-designed papers. Finally, a glue stick makes it easy for kids to stick their thoughts on the page. Mix these ingredients with a dash of kid genius, and the result is a one-of-a-kind book ? and new family keepsake ? to share, show off, and cherish.

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  • Chalk the Block by Klutz Press
    Chalk the Block (English, Mixed media product) Klutz Press

    "Chalk the Block" is a handbook of inspired lunacy packaged with a set of chalk. There are no elaborate chalk art projects in this book, nor nostalgic hopscotch games. It's just the jokes, and every one of them is easy to execute, simple to draw, and guaranteed to bring a smile to passersby. Consumable.

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  • Building Cards by Klutz Press
    Building Cards (English, Hardback) Klutz Press

    Make your castle colossal! Expand your kingdom by more than 100 building cards with this additional set. These extra cards slot together seamlessly with the book's original cards. And, since they are illustrated in the exact same style, they make it easy to build a perfect addition to your personal castle.

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  • The World According to Klutz by Klutz Press
    The World According to Klutz (English, Paperback) Klutz Press

    Defend today's youth from the consequences of growing up. This three-book boxed set captures the classic Klutz spirit: funny, and ever-so-slightly subversive, with ideas so odd you wonder no one ever thought of them before. Boy book? Girl book? The World According to Klutz doesn't discriminate. This is lunacy for everyone. The set includes:...

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  • Gelly Bands Bracelet Kit by Klutz Press
    Gelly Bands Bracelet Kit (English, Toy) Klutz Press

    Learn how to make the easiest bracelets ever. Three gelly pens are packed in this kit, along with a bunch of gelly bands in eight bright colors to decorate. Write messages, draw doodles, and express yourself. Includes a full-color card of instructions.

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