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  • Corner-to-Corner
    Corner-to-Corner Lap Throws for the Family (English, Paperback) Sarah M. Zimmerman

    Step-by-step instructions for 5 cute lap throws using corner to corner crochet.

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  • Knit
    Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me (English, Paperback) Sue Stratford

    7 cute knitted animals with mini versions and lovely interchangeable outfits to knit and sew.

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  • Edward's
    Edward's Menagerie (English, Paperback) Kerry Lord

    An adorable collection of crochet animals - from aardvark to zebra! Over 40 patterns using simple techniques, including bunny, cat, monkey, elephant, giraffe, tiger, rhino, hippo and more. Change the size of the hook/yarn to create 4 different sizes - meaning you can make 160 toys from this book!

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  • 400
    400 Knitting Stitches (English, Paperback) Potter Craft

    With more stitch patterns than any other full-colour stitch dictionary on the market, 400 Knitting Stitches is an expansive resource. This book provides a basic guide to knitting techniques as well as the instructions for creating more than 400 stitches. Each stitch is clearly illustrated with a close-up photograph and accompanied by a chart.

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  • Rainbow
    Rainbow Crocheted Blankets (Paperback) Amanda Perkins

    A block-by-block guide to creating a rainbow of 30 colourful blankets, afghans and throws.

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  • 200
    200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans (English, Paperback) Jan Eaton

    Choose from 200 beautiful block designs and learn different ways of joining them to make blankets and throws that are both functional and decorative. From Art Deco geometric patterns to traditional chequer-board stripes and elaborate motifs, discover new ways to combine colour, pattern and texture.

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  • Curls:
    Curls: Volume 2 (Paperback) Hunter Hammersen

    The follow-on book to the popular Curls, Curls 2 includes 14 new patterns to make cowls, scarves and shawls.

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  • Animal
    Animal Amigurumi to Crochet (English, Paperback) Teri Crews

    The popular Japanese amigurumi style of adorable crochet animals is captured in this thorough how-to that features eight whimsical critters.


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  • Around
    Around the Corner Crochet Borders (English, Paperback) Edie Eckman

    A collection of 150 colorful crochet frames, with instructions for working around a corner. It offers instructions both as text and as charts for working in-the-round, and includes back-and-forth charts for when that method is more appropriate.


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  • Sock
    Sock Loom Basics (English, Paperback) Leisure Arts

    Everyone loves hand-knitted socks! This title can help you knit custom socks for everyone on your gift list - even if you've never knitted anything before. It also includes handy tips on how to adjust the sizes to fit a larger or smaller foot. It includes designs that feature mock cables, beaded cuffs, several rib patterns, and garter blocks.

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  • 60
    60 Quick Knitted Toys (English, Paperback) Sixth&spring Books

    Knitters will love creating this collection of 60 cool toys, which range from tools like a saw, hammer and screwdriver to a ballerina doll. Every project will capture your heart.

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  • 100
    100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet (Paperback) Lesley Stanfield

    A collection of beautiful blooms for embellishing garments, accessories and homewares.

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  • Edward's
    Edward's Crochet Imaginarium (English, Hardback) Kerry Lord

    Make more than a million monsters! With the split pages in this imaginative mix-and-match crochet collection, you can choose exactly the head, arms, and feet you want to customize your own crazy critter. On the back of each photo you’ll find crocheting instructions, and it’s up to you to select the colors; add stripes, spots, or scales; or sew on extras—including horns, wings, or tails.


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  • Tiny
    Tiny Toys to Knit (English, Paperback) Sachiyo Ishii

    20 quick, simple projects for all levels of knitters. Great to give as gifts and ideal for using up oddments of yarn - these tiny toys are sure to delight everyone.

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  • Mini
    Mini Knitted Woodland (English, Paperback) Sachiyo Ishii

    Sachiyo Ishii has designed 28 delightful mini knitted creatures along with a woodland mat, mushrooms, trees, treestumps and a gnome with a toadstool house to complete this charming, fun knitted woodland scene.

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  • Let's
    Let's Go Camping! (English, Paperback) Kate Bruning

    Go glamping without the threat of unpredictable weather and nasty creepy crawlies, and instead crochet your own adorable camping scene that will keep any child entertained for hours and celebrate all that is great about camping.

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  • Mini
    Mini Christmas Knits (English, Paperback) Sue Stratford

    This book offers novelty knitting that is not only fun to do, but helps you create cute, funny and beautiful mini knits for Christmas, to give as gifts or to decorate your home. It offers a taste of novelty knitting for those on a budget, and there is plenty of inspiration for a small outlay.

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  • Entrelac"/
    Entrelac (English, Paperback) Rosemary Drysdale

    'Vogue Knitting' presents Rosemary Drysdale's essential guide to one of the hottest trends in knitwear today - entrelac, a modular technique that results in striking basketwork designs of rows within rows and interlocking diamond patterns. Using only simple knit-and-purl stitches, knitters can create eye-catching pieces with incredible texture.

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  • Crocheted
    Crocheted Flowers (English, Paperback) Jan Ollis

    Novelty crocheters will love this collection of beautiful and realistic flowers to crochet.

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  • Crocheted
    Crocheted Granny Squares (English, Paperback) Val Pierce

    Want to learn how to crochet? Make a granny square ... the simple techniques have lasted for decades and now they are more trendy than ever. With endless colour and size variations, creating these hip squares is fun and easy.

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