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  • Wish Tree
    Wish Tree (English, Hardback) Chris Turnham, Kyo Maclear

    In winter Charles and his trusty toboggan set out to find the wish tree, and along the way he helps to make the wishes of his friends Squirrel, Fox, and Beaver come true.

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  • Yak And Dove
    Yak And Dove (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear

    Sometimes the unlikeliest friends form the greatest friendships. A funny, charming picture book from a dynamic duo....

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  • Virginia Wolf
    Virginia Wolf (Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Isabelle Arsenault $17.01
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  • Spork
    Spork (English, Paperback) Kyo Maclear, Isabelle Arsenault

    A humorous "multi-cutlery" tale about how Spork -- half spoon, half fork -- finally finds his place at the table. A charming story for anyone who has ever wondered about their place in the world.

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  • Birds Art Life
    Birds Art Life (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear

    A writer's search for inspiration, beauty, and solace leads her to birds in this intimate and exuberant meditation on creativity and life?a field guide to things small and significant....

    $21.39 $25.00
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  • Virginia Wolf
    Virginia Wolf (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Isabelle Arsenault

    When Virginia wakes up feeling "wolfish," her sister, Vanessa, tries to cheer her up. After treats, funny faces and other efforts fail, Vanessa begins to paint a glorious mural depicting the world of the sisters' imagination. Will it help lift Virginia from her doldrums?

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  • Mr Flux
    Mr Flux (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear

    Martin and his neighbors eschew change until eccentric Mr. Flux moves in and shows them that change can be big or little or even fit inside a box, and not at all scary. A tongue-in-cheek tale loosely inspired by the 1960s art movement known as Fluxus.

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  • The Fog
    The Fog (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Kenard Pak

    A clever and whimsical environmental fable about a bird who is a human-watcher from a dynamic author-illustrator duo....

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  • El Oceano Especifico
    El Oceano Especifico (Multiple languages, Hardback) Kyo Maclear $22.95 $24.99
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  • The Good Little Book
    The Good Little Book (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Marion Arbona

    While banished to a dusty study one day 'to think things over', a boy pulls a book off a shelf and with great reluctance begins to read. As the afternoon passes, the story nabs him and carries him away. Before long, this good little book becomes his loyal companion, accompanying him everywhere. Until, one day, the book is lost. Will this bad little boy get back his good little book? Will the good...

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  • The Liszts
    The Liszts (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Julia Sarda

    The Liszts make lists. They make lists most usual and lists most unusual. They make lists in winter, spring, summer and fall. They make lists every day except Sundays, which are listless. Mama Liszt, Papa Liszt, Winifred, Edward, Frederick and Grandpa make lists all day long. So does their cat. Then one day a visitor arrives. He's not on anyone's list. Will the Liszts be able to make room on their...

    $14.02 $16.99
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  • Julia, Child
    Julia, Child (English, Hardback) Julie Morstad, Kyo Maclear

    Julia and Simca are two young friends who agree that you can never use too much butter - and that it is best to be a child forever. Sharing a love of cooking and having no wish to turn into big, busy people who worry too much and dawdle too little, they decide to create a feast for growing and staying young. A playful, scrumptious celebration of the joy of eating and never completely growing up,...

    $16.22 $17.99
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  • Specific Ocean
    Specific Ocean (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear

    A young girl does not want to go away for summer vacation; she wants to stay in the city with her friends. But after a few days at the beach, she falls under the ocean's spell and begins to wonder how she can bring it and its magic back home with her. A lyrical, thoughtful look at the deep connection to be made with the natural world.

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  • Life Style
    Life Style (English, Paperback) Kyo Maclear

    An insight into the creative process of the world famous designer.

    $43.59 $49.95
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  • Flo
    Flo (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear

    A witty picture book, starring an adorable panda, that celebrates relaxing, stopping to smell the roses, and being yourself!...

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  • Birds Art Life
    Birds Art Life (English, Paperback) Kyo Maclear

    A writer's intimate and exuberant search for creativity, meaning, and solace leads her to birdwatching in this "profound, charming memoir of art, books, life?and birds" (Minneapolis Star Tribune)....

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  • L' Arbre Des Souhaits
    L' Arbre Des Souhaits (French, Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Chris Turnham Currently Unavailable More details
  • Birds Art Life
    Birds Art Life (Hardback) Kyo Maclear Currently Unavailable More details
  • Bloom: A Story of Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli
    Bloom: A Story of Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Julie Morstad

    A dazzling first-person picture book biography of the life of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli by gifted team Kyo Maclear and Julie Morstad. Backmatter included.

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  • Spork
    Spork (English, Hardback) Kyo Maclear, Isabelle Arsenault

    His mum is a spoon. His dad is a fork. And he's a bit of both. He's Spork! Spork sticks out in the regimented world of the cutlery drawer. The spoons think he's too pointy, while the forks find him too round. He never gets chosen to be at the table at mealtimes until one day a very messy thing arrives in the kitchen...

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