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  • Be in a Treehouse: Design / Construction / Inspiration
    Be in a Treehouse: Design / Construction / Inspiration (English, Hardback) Pete Nelson

    Pete Nelson is back with more inspiring treehouses from around the world and a practical guide to designing and building them.

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  • Ecological Urbanism
    Ecological Urbanism (English, Paperback) Mohsen Mostafavi

    This is the 4th revised edition of the international bestseller.

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  • Landskipping
    Landskipping (Paperback) Anna Pavord

    A ravishing celebration of landscape, its iridescent beauty and its potential to comfort, awe and mesmerise. Landskipping explores the different ways in which we have, throughout the ages, responded to the land, beginning in the eighteenth century when artists first started to paint English scenery, and the Lakes, as well as Snowdon, began to attract a new kind of visitor, the landscape tourist....

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  • Local and Regional Development
    Local and Regional Development (English, Paperback) Andy Pike, Andres Rodriguez-Pose

    Revised edition of the authors' Local and regional development, 2006.

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  • How to Study Public Life
    How to Study Public Life (English, Hardback) Jan Gehl, Birgitte Svarre

    How do we accommodate a growing urban population in a way that is sustainable, equitable, and inviting? This book provides a history of public-life study as well as methods and tools necessary to recapture city life as an important planning dimension. It offers those interested in improving city life, inspiration, tools, and examples.

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  • How to Build Shipping Container Homes with Plans
    How to Build Shipping Container Homes with Plans (English, Paperback) John Davidson


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  • Life Between Buildings
    Life Between Buildings (English, Paperback) Jahn Gehl

    Published in 1971, this book was very much a protest against the functionalistic principles for planning cities and residential areas that prevailed during that period. It appeals to you with a basic message: Take good care of the life between your buildings.

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  • Capability Brown
    Capability Brown (English, Hardback) John Phibbs

    In celebration of his 300th year, a definitive survey of Capability Brown s most famous gardens and landscapes in Britain.

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  • The Urban Design Reader
    The Urban Design Reader (English, Paperback) Michael Larice

    The second edition of The Urban Design Reader draws together the very best of classic and contemporary writings to illuminate and expand the theory and practice of urban design. Nearly 50 generous selections include seminal contributions from Howard, Le Corbusier, Lynch, and Jacobs to more recent writings by Waldheim, Koolhaas, and Sorkin. Following the widespread success of the first edition of...

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  • Gardens of Court and Country
    Gardens of Court and Country (English, Hardback) David Jacques

    Gardens of Court and Country provides the first comprehensive overview of the development of the English formal garden from 1630 to 1730. Often overshadowed by the English landscape garden that became fashionable later in the 18th century, English formal gardens of the 17th century displayed important design innovations that reflected a broad rethinking of how gardens functioned within society....

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  • Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Sketch to Screen to Site
    Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Sketch to Screen to Site (English, Paperback) Edward Hutchison

    A publication that reintroduces the importance of learning to 'see by hand', to visualize large-scale design schemes and explain them through drawing, before using the digital tools that are so crucial to efficient and cost-effective building solutions.

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  • Tent City Urbanism
    Tent City Urbanism (English, Paperback) Heben Andrew

    Tent City Urbanism explores the intersection of the "tiny house movement" and tent cities organized by the homeless to present an accessible and sustainable housing paradigm that can improve the quality of life for everyone. ...

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  • Thinking the Contemporary Landscape
    Thinking the Contemporary Landscape (English, Paperback) Christophe Girot

    On the heels of our groundbreaking books in landscape architecture, James Corner's Recovering Landscape and Charles Waldheim's Landscape Urbanism Reader, comes another essential reader,

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  • Urban Street Design Guide
    Urban Street Design Guide (English, Hardback) National Association of City Transportation Officials

    A well-illustrated guide that offers blueprints of street design from multiple perspectives, from the bird's eye view to granular details. It features case studies that show how to implement best practices, as well as provide guidance for customizing design applications to a city's unique needs.

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  • Distance and Engagement
    Distance and Engagement (English, Hardback) Gunther Vogt, Alice Foxley

    Gunther Vogt and his landscape designers bring a lot of passion to their research and to their search for ideas for transforming undesigned sites or tracts of land into landscapes. They don t want to depend just on knowledge acquired from books.

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  • We Made a Garden
    We Made a Garden (English, Hardback) Margery Fish

    In the 1960s, Margery Fish and her husband decided to transform an acre of wilderness into a stunning cottage garden. The beautiful and timeless We Made a Garden recounts the trials and tribulations, successes and failures, of her venture with ease and humor. Hailed as everything from a blueprint for the creation of a modern cottage garden to a feminist manifesto, Fish's classic work will inspire gardeners everywhere.

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  • Principles of Ecological Landscape Design
    Principles of Ecological Landscape Design (English, Paperback) Travis Beck

    Today, there is a growing demand for designed landscapes - from public parks to back gardens - to be not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable. This book gives professionals and students the ability to translate the science of ecology into design practice. It covers topics from biogeography and plant selection to global change.

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  • Urban Design Thinking
    Urban Design Thinking (English, Paperback) Kim Dovey

    "Urban Design Thinking provides a conceptual toolkit for urban design. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, it shows how the design of our cities and urban spaces can be interpreted and informed through contemporary theories of urbanism, architecture and spatial analysis. Relating abstract ideas to real-world examples, and taking assemblage thinking as its critical framework, the book...

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  • Therapeutic Gardens
    Therapeutic Gardens (English, Hardback) Daniel Winterbottom

    This is the first book to address how to design therapeutic gardens. Landscape architect Daniel Winterbottom and occupational therapist Amy Wagenfeld combine years of experience to provide a practical resource for professionals.

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  • The Art of the Islamic Garden
    The Art of the Islamic Garden (English, Paperback) Emma Clark

    Islamic gardens are enchanting places. Just the names of some of the most beautiful gardens in the world - the Alhambra, the Generalife, the Shalimar - conjure up images of calm and even divine beauty. This book presents an introduction to the design, symbolism and making of an Islamic Garden.

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