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  • Teaching
    Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth (English, Paperback) Warsan Shire

    What elevates 'teaching my mother how to give birth', is Warsan Shire's ability to give simple, beautiful eloquence to the veiled world where sensuality lives in the dominant narrative of Islam; reclaiming the more nuanced truths of earlier times, translating to the realm of lyric the work of the likes of Nawal El Saadawi.


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  • Second-Hand
    Second-Hand Time (Paperback) Svetlana Alexievich

    Second-hand Time is the latest work from Svetlana Alexievich, winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature. In this book she creates a singular, polyphonic literary form by bringing together the voices of dozens of witnesses to the collapse of the USSR in a brilliant, poignant and unique portrait of post-Soviet society.

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  • Spring"/
    Spring (Paperback) Melissa Harrison

    A beautiful collection that captures the unfolding of springtime

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  • Memory
    Memory Theatre (English, Paperback) Simon Critchley, Liam Gillick

    Simon Critchley discovers a brilliant text on the ancient art of memory and a cache of astrological charts predicting the deaths of various philosophers in the archives of a deceased philosopher friend of his. Among them is a chart for Critchley himself, laying out in great detail the course of his life and eventual demise.

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  • Nicotine"/
    Nicotine (Paperback) Gregor Hens

    Written with the passion of an obsessive, Nicotine addresses a life of addiction, from the epiphany of the first drag to the perennial last last cigarette. With comic insight and meticulous precision, Hens deconstructs every facet of the dependency and offers a brilliant disquisition on the psychopathology of addiction.

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  • Level
    Level 5: The Body (English, Paperback) Stephen King

    Contemporary / British English Gordie Lanchance and his three friends are always ready for adventure. When they hear about a dead body in the forest they go to look for it. Then they discover how cruel the world can be.

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  • Farsi
    Farsi (Persian) for Beginners (English, Paperback) Saeid Atoofi

    Perfect for self-studiers or students, this Farsi language education book takes a user-friendly and clear approach.Farsi is the language of Persia (present-day Iran)—the mellifluous mother tongue of famed 13th-century poet Rumi, whose works are still among the best-selling poems in America today. Farsi for Beginners is a complete language course by experienced teacher Dr. Saeid Atoofi which...

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  • Mentored
    Mentored by a Madman (English, Hardback) Andrew Lees

    In this extraordinary memoir, neuroscientist Andrew Lees explains how William Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch and troubled drug addict, played an unlikely part in his medical career.

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  • The
    The Hatred of Poetry (Paperback) Ben Lerner

    The novelist and poet Ben Lerner argues that our hatred of poetry is ultimately a sign of its nagging relevance.

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  • This
    This Young Monster (Paperback) Charlie Fox

    THIS YOUNG MONSTER is a hallucinatory celebration of artists who raise hell, transform their bodies, anger their elders and show their audience dark, disturbing things.

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  • Bescherelle"/
    Bescherelle (French, Hardback) Collectif

    12 000 czasownikow jezyka francuskiego (w tym neologizmy); przyporzadkowanie czasownikow do poszczegolnych grup, czasow i trybow; wyjasnienie w przystepny sposob regul i zasad uzycia czasownikow; przyporzadkowanie imieslowu biernego; wykaz trudnosci ortograficznych; na koncu lista alfabetyczna czasownikow, wraz z odsylaczem do wzorcowych tablic.

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  • Point
    Point it (Multiple languages, Paperback) Dieter Graf

    You may be fluent in many languages but sometimes you could find yourself "off the beaten track" where you can't communicate. "Point it", with 1300 items to point at, is the answer. Everyone in the world will understand you. This passport-sized assistant is the result of the author's extensive travels in the five continents.

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  • Pearson
    Pearson Test of English Academic Practice Tests Plus and CD-ROM with Key Pack (English, Mixed media product) Felicity O'Dell, Vanessa Jakeman

    PTE Academic Practice Tests Plus includes: * four complete practice tests with authentic test questions by PTE Academic test writers * detailed guidance, strategies and tips to teach you how to do each task type * annotated answer key and score guide to help you assess your answers * real candidate answers with comments on each spoken and written task * MP3 disc with the recordings for all of...

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  • Tuttle
    Tuttle Mini Korean Dictionary (Multiple languages, Paperback) Tuttle Editors

    This is the most up-to-date Korean mini dictionary available and is ideal for any application where a handy, portable dictionary is required. This powerful pocket reference contains the following essential features:Bidirectional English-Korean and Korean-English sectionsOver 15,000 essential words, idioms and expressionsHeadwords printed in blue for quick and easy referenceKorean words given in...

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  • To
    To Begin at the Beginning (English, Paperback) Javier Mar as

    In To Begin at the Beginning, celebrated Spanish novelist and translator Javier Marías explores his impulse to write, the origins of his own family, and the connection between these two different sorts of beginnings. Exploring the difference between what is true in the world and what is true in fiction, he explains why an appeal to “real” events has never convinced him; why the history of his...

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  • On
    On Dolls (Hardback) Kenneth Gross

    The essays and reflections in this collection explore the seriousness of play and the mysteries of inanimate life - 'the unknown spaces, noises, dust, lost objects, and small animals that fill any house' - which have provoked many writers to take the side of these dead or non-human things.

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  • Bescherelle"/
    Bescherelle (French, Hardback) Nicolas Laurent, France $20.20
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  • Cyclogeography:
    Cyclogeography: Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier 2016 (Paperback)

    Cyclogeography lifts the lid on the hidden world of Cycle Couriers, the 'solitary creatures of the underworld' Includes interviews with Iain Sinclair, Paul Fournel and Richard Long Lyrical essay in the great tradition of psychogeographers

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  • The
    The Isis Thesis (Paperback) Judy Kay King

    Grounded in biosemiotics (all levels of biological sign processes), The Isis Thesis is a transdisciplinary study of eight major ancient Egyptian texts, revealing that over 870 decoded signs, including art and architecture, communicate a unified matrix of pharaonic science, mirroring modern knowledge in microbiology, space physics, quantum physics, evolutionary genetics and black hole theory. Put...

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