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Larry Hancock

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  • Someone Would Have Talked by Larry Hancock
    Someone Would Have Talked (English, Paperback)

    Someone Would Have Talked, the new third edition by historian Larry Hancock, goes beyond just proving a conspiracy to murder JFK. Over 14,000 documents, White House diaries, telephone logs and executive tape recordings detail how the new President managed a cover-up which changed the future of our country -- A second conspiracy designed to mislead the nation, the world, indeed, history itself....

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  • Nexus by Larry Hancock
    Nexus (English, Paperback)

    Nexus: The CIA and Political Assassination - In The Name of National Security. Over and over again, from Guatemala to Trujillo to Lumumba, to Diem, to Schneider what we find is the CIA being "associated" with the people that did political assassinations, always able to deny that it had itself performed any actual murders. There was always the final deniability - "we didn't order it, our...

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  • Killing King by Stuart Wexler
    Killing King (English, Hardback)

    Uncovering previously unknown FBI files and sources, as well as new forensics, the authors of America's Secret Jihad convincingly make the case that Martin Luther King was assassinated by a clear and long simmering conspiracy orchestrated by the racial terrorists who were responsible for the Mississippi Burning murders

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  • Creating Chaos by Larry Hancock
    Creating Chaos (English, Paperback)

    Creating Chaos explores that dark side of statecraft, the covert use of political warfare in international relations ? from its early practices during the Great Game between the British and Russian empires, through the Cold War era of ideological confrontation and forward into the hybrid political warfare of the 21st Century....

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  • Silent Invasion, The Vol. 2 by Michael Cherkas
    Silent Invasion, The Vol. 2 (English, Paperback)

    The paranoia and conspiracy theories continue! Beleaguered reporter Matt Sinkage's quest to discover the truth behind an apparently government-backed alien invasion of earth leads him to investigate a quasi-religious UFO cult based in an idyllic small American community. Then the sudden death of a prominent politician paves the way for Senator Harrison Callahan to seek the Presidency of the United...

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  • Shadow Warfare by Larry Hancock
    Shadow Warfare (English, Hardback)

    Details the history and evolution of America's covert war activities, examining how they have been authorized and practiced, their patterns and consequences, and why presidents have turned to secret military action.

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