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Laura K McClure

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  • Sexuality and Gender in the Classical World by Laura K. McClure
    Sexuality and Gender in the Classical World (English, Paperback) Laura K. McClure

    Explores the fascinating world of sex and gender roles in the classical period. Accessible to general readers whilst encouraging them to confront new theories and methodologies, and contemporary assumptions about gender and sexuality.

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  • Making Silence Speak by Andre Lardinois
    Making Silence Speak (English, Paperback) Andre Lardinois

    Attempts to recover the voices of women in antiquity from various perspectives: how they spoke, where they could be heard, and how their speech was adopted in literature and public discourse. This book reveals the interrelation between women's speech and the realm of literary production, religion, and oratory.

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  • Spoken Like a Woman by Laura K. McClure
    Spoken Like a Woman (English, Paperback) Laura K. McClure

    In ancient Athens, where freedom of speech derived from the power of male citizenship, women's voices were seldom heard in public. Female speech was more often represented in theatrical productions through women characters written and enacted by men. This book studies women's speech in classical drama.

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  • Courtesans at Table by Laura K. McClure
    Courtesans at Table (English, Paperback) Laura K. McClure

    Drawing on Book 13 of the Athenaeus' "Deipnosophistae", which contains almost all known references to Hetaeras from all periods of Greek literature, Laura K. McClure has created a window onto the ways ancient Greeks perceived the courtesan and the role of the courtesan in Greek life.

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