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Len Kaminski

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  • Venom: Along Came A Spider? by Larry Hama
    Venom: Along Came A Spider? (English, Paperback) Larry Hama, Evan Skolnick

    It's Venom vs. Spider-Man once again...for the first time! Eddie Brock takes on a very different web-slinger: Ben Reilly! With Venom a wanted man and Eddie's ex-wife Anne Weying caught in the middle, a deadly rivalry is reborn! And when the symbiote-hunting alien Xenophage targets Venom, this time it's Eddie's brain in danger of being eaten! Meanwhile, four imprisoned symbiotes join together to...

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  • Venom: Tooth And Claw by Larry Hama
    Venom: Tooth And Claw (English, Paperback) Larry Hama, Len Kaminski

    Venom and Wolverine enter the jaws of death! When the two lethal heroes are thrown into an unwilling interdimensional adventure, even in space you'll still hear the screams! Then, the law finally catches up with Eddie Brock - and Venom goes on trial! But even with Matt "Daredevil" Murdock on defense, what possible verdict could hand Venom a license to kill?! That's right - Venom becomes a hired...

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  • Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The New Fantastic Four by Walt Simonson
    Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The New Fantastic Four (English, Paperback) Walt Simonson, Len Kaminski

    The Fantastic Four, like never before! With Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny out of commission, a new FF comes together - Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and the Hulk! But what monstrous threat could bring these heroes together? And how are the Mole Man and the Skrulls involved? Maybe the real FF can help figure all that out! Then, the one, true Doom returns - and a time-jumping battle for the ages...

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  • Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Omnibus Vol. 2 by Roy Thomas
    Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Omnibus Vol. 2 (English, Hardback) Roy Thomas, Jean-Marc Lofficier

    Doctor Strange is thrust into the Infi nity War! The Doc allies with Galactus, puts together a group of mages to save the Earth and reunites the original Defenders...but when Strange defies the all-powerful Vishanti and is stripped of his mystical power, he must revive his old non-team, with a twist! Who will join the ranks of Strange's Secret Defenders? He'll battle Nightmare, team with Morbius,...

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  • Spirits Of Vengeance: Rise Of The Midnight Sons by Howard Mackie
    Spirits Of Vengeance: Rise Of The Midnight Sons (English, Paperback) Howard Mackie, Len Kaminski

    Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch race side-by-side as the Spirits of Vengeance, as Marvel's Midnight Sons rise to face a hellish threat like no other! Former Ghost Rider Blaze joins his successor Ketch and fellow Sons including Morbius, Blade, the Nightstalkers and the Darkhold Redeemers in the fight against Lilith, Mother of Demons, and her horrifying progeny!...

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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy By Jim Valentino Volume 1 by Tom DeFalco
    Guardians Of The Galaxy By Jim Valentino Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Tom DeFalco, Jim Valentino

    Thrill to the exploits of the greatest heroes of the 31st century, the original Guardians of the Galaxy! Join telekinetic Vance Astro, alien archer Yondu, flame-haired Mercurian Nikki, superstrong Jovian Charlie-27, crystalline Plutonian Martinex, the mysterious Starhawk and his wife Aleta as they undertake a quest to find the long-lost shield of Captain America. Collecting: Guardians of the...

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  • Avengers Epic Collection: Fear The Reaper by Bob Harras
    Avengers Epic Collection: Fear The Reaper (English, Paperback) Bob Harras, Len Kaminski

    When come the Gatherers! First, the machinations of Hera and Ares pit Hercules against Thor! A visit from the Starjammers and the X-Men proves painful for the Black Knight - and so do his feelings for Crystal and Sersi! And the demonic return of a classic villain teaches the Avengers to fear the Grim Reaper - not to mention his shambling Legion of the Unliving! Then, the Gatherers - Proctor,...

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