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  • Being White, Being Good
    Being White, Being Good (English, Paperback) Barbara Applebaum

    Being White, Being Good focuses on white complicity and white complicity pedagogy. It examines the shifts in our conceptualization of the subject, language and moral responsibility that are required for understanding white complicity and draws out implications for social justice pedagogy.

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  • Small States in the International System
    Small States in the International System (English, Hardback) Neal G. Jesse, John R. Dreyer

    This book uses a comparative foreign policy research method and seven focused case studies to analyze the foreign policy choices of small states as predicted by the leading three theories in international relations: realism, domestic factors, and social constructivism.

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  • The Transformation of Investigative Journalism in China
    The Transformation of Investigative Journalism in China (English, Hardback) Haiyan Wang

    This book examines how investigative journalism in China has challenged state power and broadened the scope of calls for democratic reform. It also analyzes the recent emergence of activist journalists in China who, with the aid of new media technologies, have operated not only as detached observers but also as engaged organizers of social movements.

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  • Resilient Borders and Cultural Diversity
    Resilient Borders and Cultural Diversity (English, Paperback) Koichi Iwabuchi

    This book discusses how the evolution of market-driven cultural globalization has reinforced the administration of national cultural borders in Japan. As a result of these processes, a particular kind of cross-border connectivity and exchange is embraced while dialog and engagement with multicultural questions within Japan are discouraged.

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  • The Legends of Tono
    The Legends of Tono (English, Hardback) Kunio Yanagita

    This is an exciting new book that for the first time combines rich biographical information on the founder of Japanese folklore studies, Kunio Yanagita, with a superb updated translation of his literary classic, The Legends of Tono (1910). This marvelous translation of a Japanese literary and folklore classic, reflecting thirty-five years of research and scholarship, is filled with enthralling tales that bring alive Japan's rich traditional heritage.

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  • The Global Impact of South Korean Popular Culture
    The Global Impact of South Korean Popular Culture (English, Paperback) Valentina Marinescu

    This book presents the reception of Hallyu ("the Korean Wave") and the real and imaginary "maps" of the export of South Korean cultural products around the world. It is an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach to the impact of Hallyu, including chapters on the effects of South Korean culture on countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

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  • Blogging
    Blogging (English, Paperback) Kristin Roeschenthaler Wolfe

    Public versus private is an ongoing concern in communication. This book examines this phenomenon through self-representational writing and the philosophical lens of Hannah Arendt's public versus private theory, the Boundary Management theory, and the Parasocial Framework theory to examine the first social networking platform: personal blogs.

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  • Nietzsche and Zen
    Nietzsche and Zen (English, Paperback) Andre Van Der Braak

    In Nietzsche and Zen: Self-Overcoming without a Self, André van der Braak juxtaposes Nietzsche with four influential representatives of the Buddhist Zen tradition: Nagarjuna, Linji, Dogen, and Nishitani. In doing so, he reveals Nietzschean philosophy as a philosophy of continuous self-overcoming, in which even the notion of "self" is overcome, and allows a greater understanding of Nietzsche through the lens of Zen and vice versa. This treatment will be useful to Nietzsche scholars, continental philosophers, and comparative philosophers.

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  • Who Must Die in Rwanda's Genocide?
    Who Must Die in Rwanda's Genocide? (English, Hardback) Kyrsten Sinema

    This book analyzes the hundred year development of the "state of exception" in Rwanda, a political theory developed and expanded by Foucault, Agamben, and others. It analyzes Hutu regime propaganda utilized to dehumanize the Tutsi population and how state action created a setting for genocide to become an appropriate reaction to political threats.

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  • China and the Middle East Since World War II
    China and the Middle East Since World War II (English, Paperback) Muhamad S. Olimat

    This is a comprehensive work on China and the Middle East, addressing the increasing Chinese involvement in the Middle East and China's strategic interests in the region. It examines Sino-Middle Eastern relations based on a five-dimensional approach: political relations, trade ties, cultural relations, security coordination, and energy cooperation.

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  • Evolution of the Modern Sports Fan
    Evolution of the Modern Sports Fan (English, Hardback) Mark Davis

    Evolution of the Modern Sports Fan: Communicative Approaches analyzes the modern understandings of fanship in an age of mega-media influence by putting in conversation scholarship about fan traits, psychologies, and behavior inside sport and beyond.

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  • Anthropology of Los Angeles
    Anthropology of Los Angeles (English, Hardback) Jenny Banh

    The Anthropology of Los Angeles: Place and Agency in an Urban Setting questions the production and representations of both the real and imagined L.A. by documenting hidden histories that portray a collision of elements, including race, class, gender, identity, food, and space.

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  • Risky Marriage
    Risky Marriage (English, Paperback) Melissa Browning

    Rooted in the lives and experiences of women living with HIV and AIDS in Tanzania, Risky Marriage: The Impact of Christian Marriage on the Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania examines stories and data from her fieldwork to argue for re-imagined Christian conceptions of marriage, sexual ethics, and health in an "HIV-positive" world.

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  • The Causes and Consequences of Group Violence
    The Causes and Consequences of Group Violence (English, Paperback) James Hawdon

    This book offers a transnational and transdisciplinary investigation of violence, ranging from bullying and hate crimes to revolutions, genocide, and terrorism. It offers empirical investigations of these specific types of violence as well as theoretical discussions of the underlying similarities and differences among these forms of violence.

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  • The European Union and the Arab Spring
    The European Union and the Arab Spring (English, Paperback) Joel Peters

    The Arab Spring has swept away decades old authoritarian regimes in the Middle East, and has captured the imagination of international community. The European Union and the Arab Spring: Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East, edited by Joel Peters, addresses how the European Union has responded to the dramatic events of the Middle East over the past year and how it is meeting the calls of the peoples of the Middle East for greater freedoms, democracy, and human rights.

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  • Against Authenticity
    Against Authenticity (English, Paperback) Simon Feldman

    Simon Feldman explores how the concept of authenticity has become an unrealistic ideal founded on metaphysically confused notions of the self. In Against Authenticity, Feldman argues for the validity and value of inauthenticity in our lives, providing an exciting challenge for studies of ethics, metaethics, metaphysics, and moral psychology.

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  • Social Media and the Value of Truth
    Social Media and the Value of Truth (English, Paperback) Berrin Beasley, Mitchell R. Haney

    This volume will be of special interest to anyone concerned with modern applied ethical issues, particularly those in the areas of philosophy, communication, media studies, and journalism. This volume brings together leading experts in journalism, communication studies, and philosophy to discuss the value of truth in an age of social media.

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  • God, Locke, and Liberty
    God, Locke, and Liberty (English, Paperback) Joseph Loconte

    God, Locke, and Liberty argues that John Locke based his most famous defense of religious freedom on a radical reinterpretation of the life and teachings of Jesus. In a fresh and provocative analysis of Locke's A Letter Concerning Toleration, this new intellectual history examines the importance of the spiritual reform movement known as Christian humanism to Locke's bracing vision of a tolerant and pluralistic society.

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  • An Advanced Guide to Psychological Thinking
    An Advanced Guide to Psychological Thinking (English, Paperback) Robert Ausch

    An Advanced Guide to Psychological Thinking examines various areas of psychology including learning, neuropsychology, child development, and psychotherapy from a critical and historical perspective. It reveals how different conceptual tensions have created confusion in the discipline and helps psychology recognize its own foundations.

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  • Generational Feminism
    Generational Feminism (English, Paperback) Iris Van Der Tuin

    Iris van der Tuin redirects the notion of generational logic in feminism away from its simplistic conception as conflict towards a more nuanced conception of the methodology's useful structures. Experimenting with generational logic as an impetus for a new materialism, this book advances feminist politics for the twenty-first century.

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