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  • Colours Colours everywhere
    Colours Colours everywhere (Novelty book) Samantha Meredith, Libby Walden

    Dive into a world of colour with this icon-based graphic board book, with raised pieces and die cuts on every page.

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  • In Focus
    In Focus (Hardback) Libby Walden

    Ten illustrators place ten subjects under the microscope to uncover what lies beneath the surface...

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  • Bear Hugs
    Bear Hugs (English, Board book) Libby Walden

    You're super-cute and cuddly, as sweet as apple pie. You are my one and only, the apple of my eye. Celebrate the little special ones in your life with this sweet rhyming board book, filled with cute nicknames and bear hugs.

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  • Finding First Words and More!
    Finding First Words and More! (English, Board book) Libby Walden $14.66
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  • Owl Says Hoot (Novelty book) Amanda Enright, Libby Walden

    This touch-and-feel tale will bring your favourite night-time animals to life with fun rhyming text, tactile materials to stroke and realistic animal sounds.

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  • Touch-And-Feel First Words
    Touch-And-Feel First Words (English, Board book) Libby Walden

    Learn and discover more than 100 first words in this bright and interactive book. Children will improve motor skills by exploring the fun textures on each page.

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  • Numbers Numbers everywhere
    Numbers Numbers everywhere (Novelty book) Samantha Meredith, Libby Walden

    Discover the world of numbers with this icon-based graphic board book, featuring raised pieces and die cuts on every page.

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  • In Focus
    In Focus (English, Hardback) Libby Walden, Various

    Fresh perspectives on 10 world wonders, ranging from landmarks and fruit to the natural world and vehicles, are offered by 10 prominent artists who illuminate each subject from the outside-in through close-ups, cutaways and cross-sections.

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  • Noisy Touch and Feel
    Noisy Touch and Feel (English, Board book) Libby Walden

    Welcome to the noisy farm, why not come along on an adventure with 5 of your favorite farmyard friends? Pet each adorable farm animals and find the sound button on every page. Find out if the cow will moo or if the horse will neigh a happy song! This touch-and-feel tale will bring the farmyard alive with soft and furry textures to touch, fun rhyming text to read, and realistic farm sounds to...

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  • Things That Grow
    Things That Grow (English, Hardback) Libby Walden, Becca Stadtlander

    The world around us is always growing and changing! Step into this beautifully illustrated book where time has slowed down, and discover how a seed transforms into a mighty tree; how mountains and islands are formed; and what a puggle becomes when it grows up.

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  • Construction Sticker Activity Fun
    Construction Sticker Activity Fun (English, Paperback) Libby Walden

    An imaginative introduction to the world of construction featuring illustrations, photographs, and large, colorful reusable stickers. Younger learners can explore a variety of activities, including coloring pages, find the differences, mazes, connect the dots, and more!

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  • Sentimientos
    Sentimientos (Spanish, Hardback) Libby Walden

    Describes the emotions a person may feel under different circumstances, including courage, sadness, jealousy, shame, enthusiasm, and tranquility.

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  • Search and Find
    Search and Find (English, Hardback) Fermin Solis, Libby Walden

    Can you find a pair of birds playing badminton, a gibbon with a ribbon, and a starfish shining in the spotlight? In Search and Find: Animals, young children are prompted to search six busy foldout scenes to find the illustrations highlighted on the large flaps. Each colorful spread features 20 things to find, plus additional amusing animals on a farm, in the Arctic, under a jungle canopy, beneath...

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  • Noisy Touch and Feel: Owl Says Hoot
    Noisy Touch and Feel: Owl Says Hoot (English, Board book) Libby Walden

    When sun sets and night falls, adorable animals come out to play! This touch-and-feel board book offers fun sounds. As kids read, they'll meet and hear nighttime animals, such as a growling bear, a howling owl, and a croaking frog. Kids will learn 5 different animal sounds and which of their favorite animal friends are still awake at nighttime. Follow along with fun rhyming text and realistic...

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  • My First Sticker Book Set
    My First Sticker Book Set (English, Mixed media product) Patricia Hegarty, Libby Walden $13.54
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  • Touch-and-feel First Words
    Touch-and-feel First Words (Novelty book) Libby Walden, Fhiona Galloway

    Learn and discover over 100 first words with this cute touch-and-feel title from My Little World.

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  • Finding First Animals
    Finding First Animals (Novelty book) Fhiona Galloway, Libby Walden

    With lots of animals to find, this lift-the-flap book is a perfect introduction to key first words and the animal kingdom.

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  • Finding First Words
    Finding First Words (Novelty book) Fhiona Galloway, Libby Walden

    With over 200 words to find and learn, this bumper lift-the-flap book from Fhiona Galloway is a great introduction to key first words.

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  • In Focus: Cities
    In Focus: Cities (English, Hardback) Libby Walden

    Ten illustrators explore ten iconic cities, traveling the globe to find a fresh perspective. This super-sized book delves into the cultural, social, and historical identities of ten world-famous cities, from London to Sydney and New York to Tokyo. Readers can lift the gate-folded pages on every spread to find out more about each city!

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  • Lots to Spot: Farm
    Lots to Spot: Farm (English, Board book) Libby Walden

    Unfold the sturdy pages to spot all the farm fun in this rhyming search-and-find book!

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