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  • The Clothes On Their Backs
    The Clothes On Their Backs (Paperback) Linda Grant

    The brilliant new novel by Orange Prize winner, Linda Grant, about the legacies of history, longlisted for both the Orange Prize, 2008 and the Man Booker Prize, 2008

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  • When I Lived in Modern Times
    When I Lived in Modern Times (Paperback) Linda Grant

    Stylish reissue of the Orange Prize winning Novel.

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  • We Had It So Good
    We Had It So Good (Paperback) Linda Grant

    * Linda Grant's 'best novel yet' (Financial Times) is a thoughtful and engaging story of a London family from the late sixties to the present

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  • Pronunciation Myths
    Pronunciation Myths (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    This volume was conceived as a "best practices" resource for pronunciation and speaking teachers in the way that Vocabulary Myths by Keith S. Folse is one for reading and vocabulary teachers. Like others in the Myths series, this book combines research with good pedagogical practices....

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  • Harriet Said...
    Harriet Said... (Paperback) Beryl Bainbridge

    The classic novel - the first she ever wrote - by acclaimed, Man Booker Prize-winning author Beryl Bainbridge, Harriet Said... is a dark and gripping story of adolescent transgression set in a 1950s seaside resort.

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  • The Clothes on Their Backs
    The Clothes on Their Backs (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    A powerful story of family, love, and the hold the past has on the present. A woman, having endured unbearable loss, finds solace in the family secrets her estranged uncle reveals.

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  • Call of Duty
    Call of Duty (English, Hardback) Grace Porter Miller

    The author recounts her experiences as a member of the Women's Army Corps during World War II

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  • When I Lived in Modern Times
    When I Lived in Modern Times (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    Winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction...

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  • Timewatch
    Timewatch (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    The Morgans, distant relatives brought together by circumstance and destiny, must fight the sinister Max Hauptman, his son, Carlo, and various henchmen, to prevent history from being altered, thus ensuring that the present stays free of oppression and destruction.

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  • We Had It So Good
    We Had It So Good (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    Reflecting on his wild 1970s youth, unexpectedly long-term marriage, and inability to understand his children, Stephen Newman approaches late middle age at the turn of the century only to see his successes crumbling in revelatory ways.

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  • Sexing the Millennium
    Sexing the Millennium (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    "Grant is passionate yet blessedly free of rhetoric and gush. And how welcome is her evocation of the [sexual revolution's] optimism -- even its loopy naivete -- at a time when AIDS stamps eros with death, when the religious Right uses illness to stake sexual terror." -- The Village Voice

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  • A Weekend With Claude
    A Weekend With Claude (English, Paperback) Beryl Bainbridge

    The classic first novel that acclaimed author Beryl Bainbridge ever had published, in 1967, A Weekend with Claude is a wickedly funny portrait of frustrated middle-class lives.

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  • The Thoughtful Dresser
    The Thoughtful Dresser (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    * A fascinating investigation into the relationship between people and clothes, on a human rather than design level

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  • Remind Me Who I am Again
    Remind Me Who I am Again (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    'A skilful, moving, even humorous book. It is more than an elegy for a lost mother or the charting of one human being's decline ... It is an investigation of memory, which concludes that "Memory, I have come to understand, is everything, it's life itself"' Scotland on Sunday

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  • In Search of Molly Pitcher
    In Search of Molly Pitcher (English, Paperback) Linda Grant De Pauw

    Eighth-grader Peggy McAllister selects Molly Pitcher as her research topic; using relatives, friends, and library resources to help her gather facts to make her social studies research project good enough to win the Rattletrap Award.

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  • Battle Cries and Lullabies
    Battle Cries and Lullabies (English, Paperback) Linda Grant De Pauw

    Beginning with the earliest recorded evidence and spanning the world, an illustrated study explores the varied roles women haved played in wartime, from nurse to warrior to soldier's mother, and investigates women's participation in warfare. UP.

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  • Cosas
    Cosas (English, Paperback) Linda Grant Niemann

    Love and friendship, art and craft, language and culture are the subjects of this look back at one woman's experiences in Mexico over a period of twenty years. What first propels Linda Grant Niemann south are the migrants she encounters in her job as a railroad brakeman in the Southwest. She decides to learn Spanish, and in Mexico she soon meets some surprising kindred spirits.

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  • Still Here
    Still Here (Paperback) Linda Grant

    * Paperback publication of the critically acclaimed and bestselling novel from the Orange Prize-winning author. A magnificent novel set in Liverpool about immigration, emigration, a family quest for an old inheritance and a love affair.

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  • The People On The Street: A Writer's View Of Israel
    The People On The Street: A Writer's View Of Israel (English, Paperback) Linda Grant

    The highly-acclaimed writer, Linda Grant, attempts to try and understand the Israeli situation. 'Although I am not an Israeli, but a Diaspora Jew, I think that it is the eye of the novelist, who coming from the outside, can often see what others do not.

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