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  • Barron's
    Barron's 500 Flash Cards of American Sign Language (English) Geoffrey S Poor

    Full-color photos on flash cards present close-ups of a model demonstrating 500 American Sign Language (ASL) signs. The meanings, brief descriptions of hand and arm motions, and related words are listed on the reverse side of each card. Correct formations of hand shapes and facial expressions are clearly shown to eliminate any possible confusion regarding intended word meanings. Where appropriate,...

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  • Verbal
    Verbal Judo (English, Paperback) George J. Thompson

    "When you react, the event controls you. When you respond, you're in control."Verbal Judo is the classic guide to the martial art of the mind and mouth that can help you defuse confrontations and generate cooperation, whether you're talking to a boss, a spouse, or even a teenager. For more than a generation, Dr. George J. Thompson's essential handbook has taught people how to communicate...

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  • British
    British Sign Language For Dummies (English, Paperback) City Lit Centre for the Deaf (London, England)

    BSL is the language used by the Deaf Community in the UK and is an officially recognised language in its own right. It has its own grammar and syntax, which are completely different from the grammatical rules of English.

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  • Learning
    Learning Latin the Ancient Way (Multiple languages, Paperback) Eleanor Dickey

    This book makes ancient Latin-learning materials usable by modern students for the first time.

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  • The
    The New Penguin Russian Course (English, Paperback) Nicholas J. Brown

    Features a Russian language course for beginners. This book is designed to provide the student with an excellent command of basic Russian (the equivalent of A level standard). It features thirty lessons punctuated by revision exercises. It places an emphasis on acquiring vocabulary, experiencing conversational language and learning useful grammar.

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  • Rex
    Rex Barks (English, Hardback) Phyllis Davenport $33.86
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  • A
    A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish (Multiple languages, Paperback) Mark Davies

    Providing a list of the 5,000 most commonly used words in the language, this resource is a dictionary of Spanish. Based on a twenty million word corpus evenly divided between spoken, fiction and non-fiction texts from both Spain and Latin America, the dictionary provides a frequency-based list, as well as alphabetical and part-of-speech indexes.

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  • Of
    Of Grammatology (Multiple languages, Paperback) Jacques Derrida

    One of contemporary criticism's most indispensable works, Of Grammatology is made even more accessible and usable by this new release.

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  • Quack
    Quack This Way (English, Paperback) Founder Bryan Garner, David Foster Wallace

    David Foster Wallace was at the center of late-20th-century American literature, Bryan A. Garner at that of legal scholarship and lexicography. It was language that drew them together. The wide-ranging interview reproduced here memorializes 67 minutes of their second and final evening together, in February 2006. It was DFW's last long interview, and the only one devoted exclusively to language and...

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  • Decolonising
    Decolonising the Mind (English, Paperback) Ngugi wa Thiong'o

    Ngugi wrote his first novels and plays in English but was determined, even before his detention without trial in 1978, to move to writing in Gikuyu.

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  • A
    A Secret Vice (Hardback) J. R. R. Tolkien

    First ever critical study of Tolkien's little-known essay, which reveals how language invention shaped the creation of Middle-earth and beyond, to George R R Martin's Game of Thrones.

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  • Words
    Words That Changed a Nation (English, Paperback) [Then] President-Ele Barack Obama $13.12 $15.95
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  • Through
    Through the Language Glass (English, Paperback) Guy Deutscher

    Does language reflect the culture of a society? Is our mother-tongue a lens through which we perceive the world? Can different languages lead their speakers to different thoughts? This title states that contrary to the fashionable academic consensus of today, the answer to all these questions is - yes.

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  • Metaphors
    Metaphors We Live by (English, Paperback) George Lakoff, Mark Johnson

    George Lakoff and Mark Johnson suggest that basic metaphors used in everyday speech not only affect the way we communicate ideas, but actually structure our perceptions and understandings from the beginning.

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  • What
    What Kind of Creatures are We? (English, Hardback) Noam Chomsky

    In clear, precise, and non-technical language, Chomsky elaborates on fifty years of scientific development in the study of language, sketching how his own work has implications for the origins of language, the close relations that language bears to thought, and its biological basis. Moving from language and mind to society and politics, he concludes with a philosophical defense of libertarian socialism.

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  • Bird
    Bird by Bird (English, Paperback) Anne Lamott

    A step-by-step guide to writing and managing the writer's life covers each portion of a written project, addresses such concerns as writer's block and getting published, and offers awareness and survival tips. Reprint. Tour.

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  • The
    The Uses of Literacy (Paperback) Richard Hoggart

    When a society becomes more affluent, does it lose other values? Are the skills that education and literacy gave millions wasted on consuming pop culture? Do the media coerce us into a world of the superficial and the material - or can they be a force for good? This book asks these questions.

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  • The
    The Code-breaker's Secret Diaries (Paperback) Jean-Francois Champollion, Joyce Tyldesley

    A translation of the travel diary kept by Jean-Francois Champollion, the decipherer of the hieroglyphs, when he visited Egypt from 1828 - 1830.

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